• Digital radiography in NDT (part 2)
    In the acceptance practice of welded joints or castings using the radiographic method to assess their quality, we are increasingly dealing with digital techniques that replace the membrane technique. There are many new terms related to the technical solutions of digital radiography and quality requirements. Therefore, it is worth approaching the inspectors of technical supervision (who do not deal with the physical performance of non-destructive radiographic examinations) of this new technique, which in the field of medicine has almost completely displaced the use of a radiographic membrane.
  • An attempt to describe manual welding based on the computerized model of capacity types inspired by the biology and Roman language of writing images
    The article presents a vector model of human capacity types based on neural networks. In order to be able to translate this system from welding to teaching computer systems of industrial robots, a brain model was created. On this basis, the possibilities of computer aided welding were discussed. In order to increase the effectiveness of audiovisual means, the pictorial language of writing Byzantine icons with the methods of analyzing the spoken languages was analyzed, presenting elements of language such as: a set of characters, expressions, communications, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. The use of such language for the science of welding physics required the conversion of theological concepts into the concepts of welding physics. Such an operation accelerates research in this field, because although the same equations give the same solutions, their interpretation is different.
  • Modern technologies in fire protection
    The publication presents selected new technologies used for the needs of the State Fire Service, as well as others that are only in the phase of projects and not yet implemented in the National Fire and Rescue System. The focus was on the use of unmanned aerial platforms as well as airplanes, as well as the concept of combat suits intended for firefighters.
  • Late and indecision, i.e. supervision over vehicle control stations after a new one
    On May 20 last year, the deadline for the implementation of the new Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council 2014/45 / IUE on the periodic roadworthiness testing of motor vehicles and their trailers has passed. After this date, Member States were to send the adopted European Commission forthwith to the enacted regulations, which should come into force no later than May 20, 2018.