• Large fuel tanks are no longer legal. Freedom was, but it was over
    Transport companies have a lot of problems. A change in the fire regulations has led to the fact that high capacity tanks in which, for example, diesel oil is stored, have ceased to be legal. Investments for hundreds of thousands of zlotys can turn out to be thrown in the money. All through the ordinances of the minister of internal affairs and administration regarding fire protection of buildings, other buildings and areas from June 7, 2010. The regulations have been in place for several years, but the fire brigade now issues decisions prohibiting the use of tanks with a capacity greater than that provided in the regulation . The trouble is that many owners of transport companies in recent years have invested in tanks with a much larger capacity: 10, 20 and even 40 m3. It simply paid off when buying wholesale fuel from distributors, because in a company with a dozen or so trucks, fuel expenditure amounts to as much as 20% of all costs. And the larger the company, the larger the fuel tanks it needs.
  • Vision systems of FANUC robots sharpen the eyes of machines
    Continuous quality control of products is a basic requirement of today's production processes. In response to this need, FANUC introduces the new iRVision vision system in the R-30iB Plus controller. Today, every manufacturer who wants to stay on the market in the conditions of growing competition, knows perfectly well that ensuring quality control at the highest possible level is a prerequisite to minimize production costs and improve the company's image in the eyes of buyers. And investing in reliable technology is one of the most effective ways to provide it. Technology is already widely available, as are the possibilities to finance its purchase. All that remains is the answer to the question - what solutions to invest?
  • Welding incompatibilities caused by breaking the trailer frame
    The article describes the case in which the frame of a self-unloading semi-trailer breaks when unloading wood chips. It was shown that the reason was the lack of over-weld when welding the I-section of the frame's longitudinal member. The semi-trailer was equipped with additional support paws, which were probably not used, however, it does not change the fact that a defective welded joint was responsible for the damage.
  • Escalators: stand still and wait for them to take you
    The accident in October 2018 on the escalators of the Centrum metro station in Warsaw brought unexpected results. They were not just the injuries of a few passengers who were injured - luckily harmless. These effects, it is the awareness of all users of escalators that you should not move in order to drive safely on them. Escalators are one of the fastest and most comfortable ways of people moving, used to transport them between floors of a building.
  • The most efficient coal-fired power plant in the world has 260 overhead cranes and hoists under constant technical supervision
    Each of the 260 lifting devices must undergo annual safety inspections and maintenance - from simple chain hoists to a 300-ton crane installed by Konecranes specialists in the new block 9 of the combined heat and power plant. But how quickly and safely get a clear picture of the state of equipment in such a large fleet of overhead cranes and hoists?

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