• Used forklifts more and more popular
    Systematic increase among entrepreneurs is the interest in the purchase and operation of used forklifts, especially forklifts. Used forklifts are a great solution for new, small companies as well as for companies that try to reduce costs. When choosing the used equipment, however, you must carefully check the offers appearing on the market, as well as comply with the legal requirements for the operation of these devices. A forklift truck is the colloquial name of a lift truck, i.e. a wheeled motor vehicle with power drive. It is designed for transporting loads of large mass, even up to several dozen tons, and used mainly in production halls, warehouses and warehouses.
  • All new provisions of the Law on technical supervision already apply. More security, less paperwork
    Timeliness of qualification certificates of persons servicing and maintaining devices, mutual recognition of certificates and decisions issued by various technical supervision institutions, the possibility of preparing protocols for performing technical supervision activities in electronic form, or new definitions of definitions: modernization, repair and maintenance - these are the most important changes introduced by the amendments Act on technical supervision. Most of the new regulations came into force at the beginning of 2019, but some of them - and this is very important, because regarding the timeliness of qualification certificates issued to persons servicing and maintaining technical devices - only at the beginning of June. In April, the announcement of the Marshal of the Parliament about the publication of a uniform text of the Act on technical supervision (Journal of Laws 2019 item 667) appeared.
  • Kinetics of nitrogen absorption through Fe-C-Mn arc-based binder
    The effect of TIG melting conditions in atmospheres Ar + 2% N2 and Ar + 2% N2 + 0.2% O2 and the oxygen content in the binders on the nitrogen absorption kinetics by Fe-C-Mn type bonds were analyzed. The process has been studied in combination with other phenomena occurring in molten binders. The absorption of nitrogen by Fe-C-Mn arc-based binder has been described in the first order kinetic reaction, dividing the total area of the molten sample into the area of electric arc interaction and the contact area with the cooler shielding gas. On the basis of this model, time-dependent changes in nitrogen content were determined, as well as mass transfer ratios and nitrogen absorption rates under various melting conditions.
  • Determination of weldability of steel and titanium alloys on the basis of phase transformation diagrams
    The article discusses the problems of cracking steel and titanium alloys based on practical diagrams, charts and tables. In the iron-coal chart, graphs of titanium alloys were plotted, and in the tables the coordinates of the points of the phase transformation graph for titanium alloys corresponding to structural, ferritic, austenitic and martensitic steels were given. Cooling graphs of structural steels and titanium alloys as well as their effect on cold cracking were also compared. For modern low-carbon steels (<0.02% C) it has been proposed to replace the equivalent of carbon with a nickel equivalent supplemented with hydrogen.

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