• Safe and available block of 200 Mw
    It is difficult to find weaknesses of 200MW class blocks, hence their regression in the Polish power system is slow and will probably last for a long time. Their share in both the capacity and energy market will continue to decrease due to new generating units, which are not necessarily more attractive to KSE. Higher power and higher efficiency are an asset only when the block operates at nominal parameters throughout the year. The latest technical solutions can be attractive when we have sufficiently advanced knowledge about them and the possibility of using it, especially in the area of maintenance. Low satisfaction with participation in the block maintenance process will be combined with high costs. Transfer learning between individual solutions on new blocks will be very limited, also through strategies for their maintenance based on LTSA contracts. The longest on the market will remain those of 200MW blocks that meet the requirements of BAT Conlusions, will be on the Power Market and will be safe and available, working in increasingly unusual conditions, flexibly adapting to the Operator's requirements.
  • Bench tests in the assessment of automotive durability
    The paper discusses the causes of automotive damage and its types. Characteristic features of fatigue breakthroughs with reference to the reasons for their occurrence are included. Selected test stands for testing automotive components and their modular versions - equipped with specialized chambers and reconfigurable - containing a size mounting plate were presented. The details of bench tests of components of special vehicles, such as swing and fixed frames, including those made of high-strength steel S700MC, are presented. Stress / strain characteristics, mechanical parameters and Wöhler curves of the mentioned type of material in the delivery condition and after welding are presented.
  • Gravitational smoke ventilation
    The legal act regulating the issues of fire protection in Poland is the Act of 24 August 1991 on fire protection, the premise of which is the implementation of projects aimed at protecting life, health, property or the environment against fire, natural disaster or other local threat. The article presents the construction, principle of operation and effectiveness of gravitational smoke exhaust devices - smoke exhaust flaps - based on available professional literature and applicable legal acts.
  • Execution errors during the reassembly of the wind turbine from the secondary market
    Constant intensification of activities aimed at increasing the percentage share of electricity obtained from renewable energy also entails the private sector, which is increasingly emphasizing its presence among suppliers of electricity obtained from distributed renewable sources - mainly wind turbines. Newly emerging wind turbines are increasingly coming from the secondary market. This brings a lot of complications regarding the disassembly, transport and reassembly of the wind turbine. The article presents some assembly errors and their consequences for subsequent operation and service of a wind turbine. The article presents examples of assembly errors for the Vestas V80 turbine. These errors largely account for the inability to obtain optimal turbine efficiency.

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