• Error in EPD or deliberate action? How the additional costs arise
    The DZPW (explosion protection document) is a formal document that every plant is required to have in which gases, flammable liquids, and flammable dusts that can form explosive mixtures with air are stored or processed. The market realities, however, are completely different - a large part of Polish industrial plants does not have an explosion protection document in place. The reason for this state of affairs is usually the lack of knowledge about this legal requirement. Information about the need to have such a document often comes out during inspections carried out by the fire brigade or during audits of insurers. Then there is a need to quickly fill the gaps, and unfortunately it is not that simple. Moreover, "ad-hoc" action can lead to additional, unjustified costs.
  • Problems and application of central lubrication systems in construction and road machines
    The aim of the article is to present the problems of central lubrication systems, most of which are equipped with currently manufactured construction and road machines. The article presents the types of currently used central lubrication systems and the methodology of their design. Keywords: pump, lubrication, lubrication systems Introduction The essence of the lubrication process is to supply the required lubricant, in a specific amount, to the tribological unit. This is to reduce the friction of cooperating elements and the power losses resulting from friction, to remove contaminants getting into these elements, to dissipate heat, as well as to dampen vibrations, reduce the occurring backlash - generally ensuring appropriate working conditions.
  • Vibroacoustics - full-fledged academic discipline with Polish roots
    Vibroacoustics created from a desire to implement the postulate that noise and vibration considered together as a similar form of propagation of energy, the most common parasitic (though sometimes this energy is also used in vibratory), which are at the source of information on the state object. But is the definition of this common area the same as "one's own axiomatics and language"? The theory of vibration and acoustics has provided (and continues to provide) mathematical models for vibroacoustics. The signal analysis brought the interpretation of the observation of reality. Vibroacoustics must somehow connect it. It must have a language that enables a common interpretation of the results of the model calculations and the measurement results. Therefore, one can try to define the basis of the subject, starting from the relation of the observed signal H, a mathematical model. We demand that the results of the selected (we are interested in) part of the observation comply with the mathematical model with accuracy as to the imperfections of our description and measurement errors. Based on such a postulate, it is possible to strictly define all the basic tasks of vibroacoustics. Thus, it can be stated that starting from the relation signal H model, it is possible to logically lay out a coherent whole of vibroacoustics, which indirectly proves the fact that it is a well-defined scientific field. Keywords: axiomatics, scientific discipline, vibroacoustics The term vibroakustvka used to describe a separate scientific discipline is relatively new. It first appeared about 40 years ago on the initiative of Professor Zbigniew Engel and immediately aroused serious controversy, both for logical and semantic reasons and the need to define a new field of knowledge. However, while it could still be discussed whether the "conglomerate" of the words vibro and acoustics makes sense, the fact of the existence of a well-defined scientific discipline does not raise any doubts today.
  • How to install control cabinets, ship switchboards and other devices on a ship?
    High reliability is required from vessels operating on various types of water bodies. This is due to the fact that even a minor fault on a ship many miles from land can create a large-scale problem. A potential failure is a threat to the crew and can cause very high costs. Therefore, an important issue in the design and construction of ships is the issue of proper installation of devices in such a way as to eliminate vibrations and extend their service life. Service life of devices on board The general reliability of a ship is the result of failure-free operation of its components, which include: - mechanical devices, - electrical devices, - navigation devices, - radio devices, - switchboards - and automatic and remote control devices. The quality of the devices and components used has a significant impact on their service life, but due to the specific working conditions, their correct assembly is equally important. For most devices (which are not a source of vibrations), proper installation consists in isolating them from vibrations occurring on the ship and damping shock loads (shocks).
  • The most common cyber threats to the monitoring system
    The basic elements that should be protected in any IT system are confidentiality, integrity and availability. Any situation that adversely affects any of these factors should be considered an incident that could affect the cyber security of the system. Let's look at the most common threats and weaknesses that favor violations. Neglecting to update software Every IT network is exposed to cyber risks: viruses or other malware, or attacks by hackers. Neglecting system updates and installing fixpacks can create vulnerabilities that, combined with minor human errors, will open the way for cybercriminals to enter your system.
  • Bosch Rexroth connects self-propelled machines to the Internet via the flexible Bosch IoT
    Suite platform Bosch Rexroth is an experienced partner in mobile hydraulics. Using electrified, electronic and digital solutions, it supports customers in the transformation of mobile machines. Harvesting machines that perform precision farming work, powerful construction machines that automatically level and exploit the land, and warehouse machines equipped with locally zero-emission electric drives. BODAS Connect - All-in-one Connectivity - a comprehensive solution for mobile machines.
  • Transshipment manipulators for logistics
    At present, the logistics industry is facing significant challenges. Online sales exceed the next highs, there are more and more orders - customer expectations are also high. To meet the demand, it is necessary to become more efficient and work faster. At the same time, you should protect the health of your employees, so it is worth investing in ergonomic lifting devices - vacuum manipulators. Fast and ergonomic - working safely and quickly with the JumboFlex One in three online shoppers now place several orders every week. In 2019, online sales in Poland increased by over eighteen percent compared to the previous year (the most in Europe). This is the result of an e-commerce survey conducted by Cushman & Wakefield. Manufacturers, sellers and logistics service providers must therefore optimize their processes accordingly - especially they will be experiencing the crisis caused by the pandemic.
  • Safe monitoring of protection zones
    Pilz offers new radar sensors with an evaluation module for the safe monitoring of protection zones - Safe monitoring of protection zones, including robotic installations. To ensure safe monitoring of the protection zone, even in harsh industrial conditions, Pilz offers a further product within the radar safety system PSENra-dar. The new PSEN rd1.2 sensor can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres of category 3 / PL d and can now safely protect robotic installations as well.

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