• AGV - modern cargo transport Transport
    carts are internal transport means that are used to move goods in a limited area. They can be used in warehouses, logistics and transport companies. Although not all transport carts are subject to technical inspection, in accordance with the provisions of UDT, two main types of these vehicles are distinguished: lift carts and lifting carts. Lift trucks are subject to technical inspection. These are machines equipped with a mechanical, electric or hydraulic lifting drive.
  • Selected flow problems of a gas turbine operating in a natural gas compressor station
    This article presents thermal-flow calculations of a gas turbine which is a compressor drive in a natural gas compressor station. The values of the input parameters necessary to carry out the calculations were adopted on the basis of technical data of the compressor stations supplying the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe transit gas pipeline, in which the SGT-600 gas turbines from Siemens, with a capacity of 25.3 MW, operate.
  • Assessment of the quality of Fe3Al intermetallic phase padding welds made in the TIG surfacing technology on valve faces
    Research works on valve wear lead to the development of new materials for the production of valves and the improvement of their manufacturing technology. The article discusses the method of obtaining the binder from the Fe3Al intermetallic phase and the method of TIG surfacing on the valve face. The performed padding welds were qualitatively assessed using industrial radiography (RT).
  • What is a switch lever and what is it for?
    When changing the settings of machines and devices, their operators struggle with the problem of potential faults, breakdowns and prolonged set-up times. In this article, using the ELC series change-over levers as an example, we present how to maintain the precision of mechanisms positioning, how to facilitate quick position reading and how to be sure that the adjustment is 100% correct.
  • Diagnostics of energy equipment and industrial installations - report from the symposium
    On November 4 - 5, 2021, the company Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Naukowo-Technicznych "Pro Novum" I / XXIII Symposium DIAGNOSTICS OF ENERGY DEVICES AND INDUSTRIAL INSTALLATIONS, the theme of which this year was "Diagnostics in the face of current challenges in the energy sector". The symposium was held remotely for the first time. Despite the changed formula, the event gathered an impressive group of companies and institutions supporting them in a prestigious and substantive way. The Honorary Patronage over the Symposium was held by the Office of Technical Inspection, the Economic Society of Polish Power Plants and the Economic Chamber of Energy and Environmental Protection.
  • The success of "Industrial Autumn"
    Over 10 thousand industry visitors visited industrial exhibitions under the sign of STOM and METAL. Almost 500 exhibitors presented in 7 halls what industry visitors were looking for - machine tools, cutters, benders, entire robotic lines, specialized machines for foundry, welding machines, microscopes. Such a wide range of industries allowed entrepreneurs to gain a really wide range of new contacts.
  • The fifth edition of the Warsaw Industry Week fair is behind us
    The largest event of the industrial sector in Central and Eastern Europe took place on November 8, 2021 and November 10, 2021 at Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn near Warsaw. Hundreds of exhibitors presented their products, services and solutions.
  • Sensors, data and analysis: modern switchgear monitoring
    Data is at the heart of industrial and energy companies. The collection and intelligent use of information are essential to the reliable operation of systems. In the case of power distribution, a loose connection point of the busbars, a defective cable connection or a contaminated switchgear ventilation is enough to lead to a costly failure. To avoid them, modern monitoring systems are needed. Classic thermography is beginning to be replaced by intelligent systems based on sensors and on-going data analysis. Thermal imaging solutions are not always effective. Thermovision is one of the best ways to identify hazards that result from improper condition of current connections.
  • Cloud-based energy at the Krakow University of Technology
    Students and doctoral students of the Krakow University of Technology can learn about Industry 4.0 not only in theory. Soon, as part of the course, they will start creating simulations using a digital switchgear connected to the cloud.

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