• Relief for robotization. Time to invest. Development tim
    The relief for robotization, planned and discussed for at least two years, entered into force on January 1 this year. Despite the recently observed significant revival in the field of automation and robotization, the Polish industry still lags behind in this respect both from world leaders and from its neighbors. Poland is currently one of the least robotic and automated countries, it is a manufacturing and production country with great development potential. As long as there will be automation and robotization. Will the robotization allowance bring a higher place in the ranking of the most robotic economies and give development to domestic industrial companies?
  • Safety assurance system in public utility building
    Safety and development are two basic dimensions of the existence of individuals and entire communities, including communities organized into states or international organizations. These two dimensions are mutually dependent, without security you cannot think about development, and development facilitates ensuring security. The article discusses the requirements related to the safety of buildings, especially public utility buildings.
  • Influence of peening on the fatigue life of austenitic steel welded with the TIG method
    The paper presents the effect of pneumatic peening on the structure, microhardness, residual stresses, cyclic properties of austenitic steel 1.4539 welded by TIG method and theoretical analysis of the fatigue life of TIG welded joints. In the joints subjected to peening , deformation of the structure in the surface layer caused by surface work, an increase in microhardness and compressive stresses was observed . The tests carried out in the low-cycle range showed an increase in the fatigue life of spherical elements in relation to non- rolled elements . The number of complete cycles to failure of the sample made of the parent material was on average higher by about 700% than in the case of TIG joints.
  • Autonomous navigation - millimeter precision
    In the age of the Internet of Things ( IoT ) and Industry 4.0, intralogistics plays an increasingly important role . The basic factor for efficient production is the precise transport of goods and materials. Evocortex 's mobile transport systems perform this task in an extraordinary way. Another decisive factor for the implementation of the creative technical concept is the power density of the FAULHABER engines used.
  • Summary AUTOMATICON 2022
    On January 26-28, 2022, the 26th AUTOMATICON International Fair of Automation and Measurements, the 19th International Fair of Electrical Equipment and Security Systems ELECTROTECHNICS and the 29th International Fair of Lighting Equipment LIGHT were held at the Warsaw EXPO XXI center.
  • 6 major trends on the video surveillance market in 2022
    The coming year on the video surveillance market will to a large extent be dominated by one phrase - trust. Regardless of whether we are talking about the development of 5G networks, AI solutions or zero trust networks, it is worth betting on technologies that will respond to our needs in a certain way. We present 6 main trends that will be a significant framework in the context of technological solutions in 2022.
  • UKCA to replace CE
    From January 1, 2022, Great Britain introduced the necessity to mark products with the UKCA symbol, resigning from the pan-European CE safety mark. For companies exporting goods to the local market, this means the need to carry out the verification process for compliance with British legislation from scratch.
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting
    OMRON has expanded its industrial automation solution offering with the RT1 series for remote access . The comprehensive solution enables remotely performed corrective maintenance without the need for costly and time-consuming visits to the plant. With remote access, users can view and operate interfaces, perform hardware diagnostics, and install updates.
  • New opportunities in intralogistics with autonomous vehicles
    Manufacturing companies face many challenges: competitive pressure, increasing product and component diversity, fluctuating production quantitative requirements, unstable markets - these conditions require high flexibility in the flow of materials.
  • Autonomous forklift truck Inovatica AGV
    The solution of the Polish company Inovatica AGV can be used to automate internal transport. The company supplies both new vehicles and uses retrofitting technology . It allows you to modernize your fleet of trucks to the AGV standard.
  • RFID, barcodes or QR codes - what to choose?
    Every company that intends to implement automatic identification has to choose one of three solutions - bar codes, QR codes and solutions based on RFID technology. In addition to comparing costs, you need to compare the options each provides. Where will the individual solutions work?

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