• Safe mines - the challenges of modern mining
    Global mining production is now at the highest levels in history - in 2018 this figure was over 17.7 billion tons. Along with the development of mining, the demand for the implementation of solutions that will help to take greater care of the safety of mine employees is also growing. Technology that not only minimizes risk, but also allows you to increase operational efficiency comes to the rescue.
  • Collaboration of robots from different manufacturers in the context of Industry 4.0
    The dynamic development of automation of technological processes implies an increase in the application of robotic stations and an increase in the spectrum of their applications. Industrial processes require interaction between robot controllers and peripheral devices or management elements, such as HMI panels or PLC controllers, up to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. This makes it necessary to develop communication systems. In the article for a sample robotic station, an application was written that allows communication between the ABB robot and the Kawasaki robot. The proposed solution was tested on a real stand. The test results confirmed the correctness of the proposed solution.
  • Welding quality in a few words
    Over the past 60 years, Bosch Rexroth has repeatedly adapted its welding technology to the requirements of the Factory of the Future. Once again, advances in resistance spot welding have been made - thanks to the new generation PRC7000 welding control system. Bartosz Korajda , vice president of resistance welding at Bosch Rexroth , explains briefly what makes it so indispensable and future-proof for various industries.
  • Practical aspects of the safety of large-size cargo movements with the use of power hydraulics in sea ports
    Moving cargo with parameters exceeding the capabilities of traditional means of transport is gaining more and more economic importance and is associated with the dynamic development of various industries. The largest of them are transported by sea, and a particular challenge in this respect is the introduction of such cargo on board a ship or barge. Each transport of oversize cargo is a major logistical challenge for companies that must have the appropriate knowledge and resources to carry it out.
  • Smart manufacturing and battery giants
    Batteries will be at the forefront of energy markets in terms of both mobility and energy storage. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), global production capacity for electric vehicle (EV) batteries between 2020 and 2025 will have to more than triple to meet the demand corresponding to the planned global production of these vehicles.
  • GreenCoat® steels for sustainable buildings
    Widely known in architectural design for their high durability as a material for roofs, facades and gutters, SSAB's organic coated GreenCoat® steels now meet the highest standards for UV and corrosion resistance ( prEN 10169: 2022).
  • Successful ENEX 2022 trade fair!
    This year's meeting of the energy industry attracted, among others leading manufacturers of photovoltaic panels, heat pump installers, electric car dealers and energy storage companies. ENEX / ENEX Nowa Energia and EKOTECH (February 23–24, 2022) gathered over 170 companies from 14 countries.

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