• World Engineer Day
    Engineering innovations for a more resilient world - this year's World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, also known as World Engineer's Day, will be celebrated under this slogan. It was adopted in November 2019 during the world congress of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) in Melbourne, organized jointly with UNESCO, which is the patron of this event.
  • Hydrogen - green gold. Opportunity or choice – or both?
    In the article, we will try to provide an answer to the question of what hopes are associated with hydrogen. In 1875, the great 19th-century visionary Jules Verne wrote about it in The Mysterious Island: “So what will burn instead of coal? "With water..." "With water... With water will heat steamers and locomotives, with water to heat water?" in use. Yes, my friends, I believe that water will one day be used as fuel, that the hydrogen and oxygen of which it is composed, used separately or together, will become sources of heat and light, inexhaustible and possessing a power that earth coal cannot have. So there's nothing to be afraid of. Water is the coal of the future."
  • Experimental testing of pump units, taking into account the flexibility of foundations
    The article presents the results of vibration analysis of the 40B80 pump in order to identify the causes of excessive vibrations. The research consisted in the measurement and spectral analysis of vibration signals in the motor and pump bearings in order to identify the harmonic components and their corresponding frequencies. Then, a numerical analysis of the frequency response of the upper foundation plate of the tested unit was carried out in order to check the influence of the natural vibrations of the foundation on the vibrations recorded in the bearings. Keywords: pump units, vibration analysis, harmonic components, bearings.
  • New Łukasiewicz institutes
    The Council of the Łukasiewicz Center, after thorough analysis and consultations, approved the merger of further Łukasiewicz institutes. The effect of the process of preparing the integration, which lasted many months, is the creation of larger and more competitive units that have been operating since January 1.
  • Comprehensive protection of AGV trolley systems
    Pilz offers manufacturers a new package of solutions to protect AGV truck systems, including safety and security. With a complete solution consisting of area monitoring components for collision protection of people and AGVs, as well as analysis and tamper protection modules, Pilz offers comprehensive security and protection for mobile applications, whether forklifts or forklifts AGVs moving freely or on tracks.
  • Recycled ball bearings
    igus uses xirodur B180 high-performance plastic residues from injection molding to produce the eco-friendly xiros ball bearing ECO version. The recycled version has almost the same technical specifications and load limits.
  • Deep learning camera
    Axis Communications presents the new series of AXIS M32 dome cameras for advanced analytics at the network edge. These cameras come pre-built with the AXIS Object Analytics application, which enables the detection and classification of objects by people, vehicles and vehicle types.
  • How to protect yourself in the event of a power outage?
    Rising energy prices force you to look for savings, although the current winter is quite mild. However, it should be remembered that low temperatures, heavy snowfall and network failures can lead to temporary blackouts. You can protect yourself against them by using an emergency power supply in the form of inverters with a battery or more advanced energy storage in conjunction with a photovoltaic installation.
  • News
    Wika's model PBV-FS flanged shut-off valve for pipelines is a suitable solution for media flow control, connection to pressure measuring equipment and as a connection between pipe systems. The shut-off valve is designed with a floating ball and has a full or reduced bore. Users can choose a lock-and-bleed or double-lock and vent configuration. The PBV-FS runs with low torque and low wear, and its surface is also corrosion resistant.
  • XVI International Fair of Inventions and Innovations INTARG®
    Science and innovation as a tool for modernizing the economy and improving the conditions and quality of life - this is the motto of the next 16th International Fair of Inventions and Innovations INTARG®, which will be held in Katowice, at the International Congress Center, on May 24 and 25, 2023. It is an event with a wide scope range of influence - interdisciplinary, national and international.

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