• The new technique of cybercriminals
    Cybercriminals have started using new techniques in ransomware attacks. They encrypt only part of the data and conduct fileless attacks, thanks to which they can evade detection for longer. To increase the pressure to pay the ransom, they also target data backups created by companies. After breaking into the victim's network, hackers sell access to it to other groups conducting ransomware attacks - over 1,300 such offers appeared on cybercrime forums last year.
  • Remote access to industrial machines
    With the new Cosy+ Wireless standard, HMS Networks completes the launch of the next generation of Ewon® Industrial Remote Access Gateways, taking IIoT connectivity and cybersecurity to the next level.
  • Less fire and smoke – insulation against fires
    Properly selected insulation of the installation emits a minimum amount of non-toxic smoke when exposed to fire, which is important during effective evacuation, ensuring greater safety of rescued people. Modern insulation solutions do not create flaming drops when burning, minimizing the spread of fire to other parts of the building. How to choose such insulation - says Lech Skomorowski, Regional Sales Manager at Thermaflex.
  • II/XXIV Symposium Diagnostics of Power Equipment and Industrial Installations
    On October 6-7, 2022, the Scientific and Technical Services Enterprise "Pro Novum" sp. z o.o. II/XXIV Symposium on Diagnostics of Power Equipment and Industrial Installations, the theme of which was Safety and availability of power units and devices during the transformation of the Polish power industry (I).
  • Parametric digital twins are a source of information and knowledge about the safe operation of power equipment and installations
    Critical elements of power equipment, such as drums, chambers, valves and turbine casings, as well as pipeline installations, are subjected to variable thermal and mechanical loads. These loads cause a variable stress state of the elements, and thus affect their durability, especially as a result of thermomechanical fatigue and creep. In order to ensure the operational safety of critical elements of power equipment and pipeline installations, periodic tests are carried out to assess their current technical condition. The article presents an example of the possibility of using parametric digital twins (Digital Twins) to ensure safe operation of critical elements that can be damaged as a result of creep, fatigue, erosion, corrosion and thermal shock.
  • Determination of the insertion attenuation characteristics of a reactive acoustic silencer installed at the exhaust of an internal combustion engine
    The study presents a method of estimating the inclusion value of a reactive acoustic silencer installed at the exhaust of an internal combustion engine, based on laboratory measurements carried out in different thermal and flow conditions than those occurring in real systems in which these silencers were installed.
  • Clamping rings increase the safety of the structure
    Norelem, a manufacturer of standard machine components, has expanded its range of clamping rings to ensure continued safety and optimization of machine and fixture designs.
  • STS container cranes – prepared for the future
    Container cranes in ports around the world will be even more efficient and reliable in the future. This is because IGUS is launching the P4HD.56.R, a new e-chain® for the most demanding applications with long travels, high speeds, heavy cable loads and Industry 4.0.
  • ES/EM 91 series standard position switches
    One of the main features of the recently developed ES/EM 97 series position switches, now being launched by STEUTE's Automation division, is their modular design.
  • MFA 10.0 - multi-gas analyzer
    The new MFA – an 10.0 from WITT can determine the composition of 15 different gas mixtures – with extreme accuracy and speed. The device is ideal for service work on facilities, as well as in systems for continuous gas analysis. MFA 10.0 analyzes two-gas mixtures consisting of argon, helium, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen.
  • What is the accelerometer in the phone used for?
    An accelerometer can be a device or just a transducer. It is responsible for measuring its own movement. The acceleration is determined by measuring the force between the elastically suspended mass of the sensor and its housing. The accelerometer sensor measures forces due to changes in sensor motion and gravity.
  • Industrial Spring 2023
    Four months before the start of the Metal Processing Technology Exhibition, 75% of the space is already occupied.

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