• Alarm and what next? Impact of the alarm system on the safety of the installation (4)
    An alarm in the process industry is often identified with a factor that reduces the risk of a serious accident. Stopping at the identification itself may be insufficient to ensure that the effectiveness of the alarm is in line with expectations. In order to deserve such a loan of trust, it is necessary to take further steps to properly design, implement and operate the entire alarm system.
  • Selected aspects of spring-loaded safety valves (8)
    Spring-loaded direct-acting safety valves are one of the most commonly used solutions in securing installations against excessive pressure increase. The basic design of these valves has been known for years and is not subject to any significant, revolutionary changes. However, there are a number of design variants that significantly change the technical capabilities of these devices. This article will discuss selected, most commonly used design variants and their impact on improving the working conditions of safety valves. Undoubtedly, they translate into a significant extension of the service life of these devices or the solution of specific technical problems in process installations.
  • Effective protection against electrostatic discharges on the example of an alkyd resin manufacturer (14)
    The article contains information on: how to monitor the earthing condition of several elements of the process installation at the same time; how to ensure safe unloading and loading of road tankers; how to secure pouring / mixing processes in metal barrels and tanks against electrostatic discharges.
  • Ultrasound detection of gas leaks (18)
    The safety of pipelines, both in the coastal zone and on land, is paying more and more attention. Over the past few years, this has led to the development of much more efficient gas and flame detection systems.
  • Polish industry - reviews and comments (22)
    Find out what works in the Polish industry and where investments are made. Meet the opinions and comments of prominent figures.
  • Why subcontractors can fail (30)
    Business partners, subcontractors, service providers, associates - it is difficult to run a business without them. They accompany entrepreneurs during the construction phase of the plant and during its operation, supply raw material, perform various activities. What security precautions should we keep in mind when starting cooperation?
  • Over 3.2 thousand companies are working on artificial intelligence (34)
  • Automation of the purchasing process in industry (36)
    The development of systems for the automation of business and purchasing processes is the direction in which almost all industries are moving today. Industry and production also. Why? Mainly because, as a result of the industrial revolution and related changes, the supply chain has become more fragmented and the life cycle of products has been significantly shortened. It is for this reason that it is so important that the purchasing process is carried out fully automatically and based on the developed, effective principles of cooperation with suppliers.
  • 5 myths about Lean Management (38)
    Lean can not replace modern solutions, this is not his role. It will, however, allow them to be a common-sense ground for them, where you can only make the right investments for the company. Based on the philosophy of continuous improvement, today such techniques as agile, growth hacking marketing or some ideas underlying the new revolution in industry - Industry 4.0.
  • Emission of dust and gas pollutants and odors to the air. How to eliminate or limit it? (43)
    One of the essential goals of investment in every area of industry is not only designing the installation in such a way that it does not pose a threat to human health and life and does not threaten the natural environment. In order to neutralize the potentially harmful impact of the installation's operation on the atmospheric air, installations equipped with special equipment, using individual chemical processes, in particular sorption processes, i.e. absorption and adsorption, are designed.
  • Fire alarm and control system for sprinkler installation of an inclined gallery for coal conveyors (46)
    How to adapt the carburizing gallery to the law in the field of fire protection; how to design a system of detection, signaling and fire fighting, resistant to false alarms caused by very difficult working conditions (high dustiness, vibrations, variable temperature, moisture).
  • Minerals and metals - another barrier to energy development (48)
    Energy is the raw material necessary to drive economic development. Its acquisition from fossil sources has always been accompanied by fear of the size of resources. This fear mobilized to seek solutions that overcome this development barrier. The most promising promises were renewable energy sources and nuclear energy, and at the same time invested in improving energy efficiency. Paradoxically, however, the real joker has become innovative technologies that multiply extractable resources of natural gas and crude oil by reaching directly to the parent rocks.
  • Cryogenic technologies - benefits and applications (51)
    Cryogenic technologies are used wherever the production process or final applications require that various types of substances, such as spices, paint pigments or rubber, be prepared in the form of a fine powder.
  • The chemical industry focuses on environmentally friendly investments (54)
    Chemical recycling is an innovative method in which plastic waste - using thermochemical processes - is recycled into raw materials for new production. BASF develops this technology. As part of the pilot, he processes various types of plastic that can not be subjected to traditional mechanical recycling. The company emphasizes that thanks to this it fits into the concept of a circular economy. Sustainable development is also the goal of the catalyst factory in Środa Śląska.
  • Female engineer in a team as a response to the complexity of the business world (56)
  • The fourth industrial revolution will force a change of approach to the education of engineers (60)
    Industry 4.0 will not deprive people of work, but will force them to adapt to new realities and market requirements. According to experts, Polish engineers mainly lack soft skills, such as free communication. Meanwhile, contrary to fears, the fourth industrial revolution may prove to be a factor protecting the labor market against a reduction in production in factories caused by depopulation and a shortage of employees. Industry Market 4.0 to 2025 is expected to increase its value more than tripled.
  • Science in Poland - a series of scientific and technical information (62)

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