Informator Ochrony Pracy (kwartalnik) (Labor protection guide) 2021/01

  • New website of the Association (2)
  • A difficult year - well-used (3)
  • Remotely capable:
    • In the Rzeszów SOP Branch (4)
    • From the SOP Branch in Katowice (4)
    • SOP branch in Rzeszów, that is: Pandemic with a breathalyzer (5)
  • Krause, The specificity of teleworking in education on the example of the position of an academic teacher. Part 1: Legal basis and terminology for teleworking (7)
  • Examples of publications on remote work available in the press (11)
  • On health and safety and remote work in the Senate during the debate on the Ombudsman (11)
  • Update of the occupational risk assessment and the amendment to the Ordinance of the Minister of Health of April 22, 2005 (13)
  • On the employer's right to control employees in connection with the risks caused by the SARS-Cov-2 virus and COVID 19 disease (14)
  • New labor protection regulations (15)
  • Amendment of the NDS and NDN regulation in the work environment (17)
  • A bit of ergonomics to praise the culture of work (18)

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