Inspektor Pracy (Labor Inspector) 2019/09

  • In the Parliament of the Republic of Poland (3)
  • News not only from country (4)
  • About hiring disabled people (7)
    On September 3, 2019, the 7th conference "Disabled person in employment" was held at the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz under the slogan "Graduate and what next?".
    Modern solutions (8)
  • A fresh impulse in cooperation with the technical supervision (9)
  • Employee housekeeping responsibility (10)
    Pursuant to generally applicable provisions contained in the Labor Code, in art. 108-113, employees are subject to procedural liability. These provisions contain a catalog of ordinal penalties - they are: admonition, reprimand and financial penalty. Relevant to you, the catalog is closed, and the employer, applying to employees other penalties for offenses of a procedural nature, is liable for an offense against the employee's rights.
  • Mediation in labor law (14)
    Mediation is an extrajudicial, informal procedure, to which the parties join voluntarily and with the help of a third party, an independent and impartial mediator, strive to resolve the conflict or dispute by working out the end of the case. The subject of mediation may, for example, be cases of reinstatement, compensation, payment of overtime work, rectification of a work certificate, as well as mobbing and discrimination.
  • Awards were given Romana Giedrojcia (17)
  • The prize Romana Giedrojcia - photojournalism (18)
  • Risk reduction - machine curtains and light barriers (20)
    Light curtains and barriers, termed active optoelectronic protective devices, are among the most commonly used non-contact protective devices for machines. They provide protection by restoring the machine to a safe state before a person can be in an emergency.
  • Memories (23)
  • Investment in the future - an interview with Adam Derza, District Labor Inspector in Kielce (24)
  • You have to notice a man - an interview with Roman Jabłoński, the main specialist at the
  • District Labor Inspectorate in Poznań (26)
  • Honest work as a source of the rights of working people (Part II) (30)
  • Library (35)
  • Electric arc burn (36)

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