• In an important case (3)
  • External meeting of the Labor Protection Council (4)
    The Labor Protection Council at an external meeting in Gdańsk on September 22, 2020 gave a positive opinion on the candidacy of Andrzej Kwaliński for the position of Chief Labor Inspector.
  • Andrzej Kwaliński appointed Chief Labor Inspector (5)
    Meeting with the Chief Labor Inspector
  • Chief Labor Inspector presented a report (6)
  • Positive evaluation of the inspection activity (7)
    At its meeting on August 25, 2020, the Labor Protection Council adopted the report of Chief Labor Inspector Wiesław Łyszczek on the activities of the National Labor Inspectorate in 2019.
  • News not only from Poland (8)
  • A partnership approach to controls (12)
    In 2019, the National Labor Inspectorate launched the 3-year campaign "Good recipe for safety", which includes media activities and a preventive and control program. Integrated activities carried out in the industry are to lead to the reduction of threats in meat processing companies, in particular in butcheries and slaughterhouses.
  • Inspectors with vocation (16)
  • Inspectors by appointment - photo report of the award ceremony (18)
  • For the benefit of the employee - an interview with the President of the Social Insurance Institution, prof. Gertrude Uścińska (20)
  • Work area, i.e. a weekly job. Teachers' working time (part 2) (24)
    As part of the 40-hour working week, the teacher, in accordance with the Teacher's Charter, is obliged to carry out didactic, educational and care activities (the so-called teaching load), other activities and activities resulting from the statutory tasks of the school as well as activities and activities related to preparation for classes, self-education. and professional development.
  • Mobbing. Practical aspects, including judicial decisions (29)
    As the latest research on safety at work shows, a large proportion of employees already encounter the problem of mobbing. Therefore, it is worth analyzing what mobbing is, what claims are due to mobbing and how the evidentiary issues in this respect are shaped.
  • With the power of a waterfall. Safety requirements for waterjet cutting (32)
    Cutting materials with a water jet is increasingly used in industry, but it carries risks that must be taken into account by manufacturers and users of machines.
  • Without cover. To remove chips, he put his hand under the rotating tool (35)
    In the protocol establishing the circumstances and causes of an accident at work while operating a radial drilling machine, the post-accident team did not specify all the causes of the accident.

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