• Goodbye Boss! (3)
  • Last farewell (4)
  • Memory of Andrzej Kwaliński (6)
  • In the Sejm of the Republic of Poland: Positive assessment of the labor inspection program (7)
  • News not only from Poland (8)
  • The most active Social Labor Inspectors - a report on the award ceremony (9)
  • Employers - organizers of safe work - report on the award ceremony (10)
    We appreciated those who treat the performance of professional duties with responsibility and a sense of mission, which is to ensure the well-being of all participants of the work process - said Andrzej Kwaliński , Chief Labor Inspector, addressing the winners of the competition " Employer - organizer of safe work ”in 2020.
  • Awards were given to them. Halina Krahelska - report (12)
  • There is no penalty without guilt. Order liability of employees (14)
    The employer may take consequences from an employee who does not comply with his obligations, which may be related to the activation of order liability. This responsibility is repressive and preventive and consists in imposing sanctions on the employees.
  • Photo report of Andrzej Kwaliński 's farewell (18)
  • Three documents. The occupational risk assessment alone is not enough (20)
    The occupational risk assessment has become an integral part of the occupational health and safety area. However, its essence and the method of documenting still raise many doubts, also during inspections carried out by labor inspectors.
  • Outstanding quarter million plus (25)
  • Anyone ... Modernization of machines (part 1) (26)
    Neither the EU nor Polish legal regulations formulate any requirements related to the qualification of such a level of modernization, as a result of which the "old" machine would be turned into a "new", with all technical and legal consequences.
  • So that work does not exclude. Adaptation of facilities, work rooms and workstations to the needs of disabled people - "Best Practices" (29)
  • A serious accident while operating a rubber mill. Legal and technical problems in controlling the adaptation of machines to the minimum requirements (34)

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