• In the Parliament of the Republic of Poland: Members of the Labor Protection Council on the personnel policy (3)
    During the online meeting on July 20, 2021, members of the Labor Protection Council declared their support for increasing the number of jobs at the National Labor Inspectorate. They also undertook to work out a written position on adjusting the salaries of the office employees.
  • News not only from Poland (4)
    • Campaign for seasonal workers
    • Social Dialogue Council on the state budget
    • Questionnaire of occupations and industries of the highest risk
    • The first job - the first step
  • Implementation of the budget of the National Labor Inspectorate after positive assessments of parliamentary committees (6)
    The Public Finance Committee of the Parliament, at its session on July 13, 2021 in the seat of the parliament, considered the opinion of the State Control Committee on the report on the implementation of the budget of the National Labor Inspectorate in 2020.
  • Missed opportunities. Preliminary agreement in employment relations (part 2) (7)
    Practical problems identified during the control of an entrepreneur who used the institution of a preliminary agreement, at the same time allowing to perform work on the basis of such a contract.
  • The poor wind in the eyes. Base salary and minimum remuneration for work on the example of non-medical employees in healthcare entities (10)
    Inspections of labor inspectors show that employees, inter alia, the hospital hygiene and internal transport departments as well as the technical and operational department often receive base salaries below the minimum wage.
  • Under the umbrella of Polish regulations. Posting of workers to the territory of the Republic of Poland - practical aspects (13)
    The aim of the 2020 amended act on the posting of workers to the territory of the Republic of Poland is to guarantee and observe an appropriate level of protection of the rights of workers posted to the cross-border provision of services. National Labor Inspectorate inspectors check how it looks in practice.
  • Ambassadors of modernity and security. "Safe Farm" competition (17)
    An interview with Tomasz Abramczyk - acting superintendent of labor at the District Labor Inspectorate in Lublin.
  • XVIII competition. "Safe Farm" - Photo report (18)
  • Always according to the instructions. Documentation of occupational risk assessment (part 2) (20)
    The basic form of informing employees about occupational risk and ways of reducing it are occupational health and safety instructions and instructions at the workplace, carried out as part of initial and periodic training.
  • Deliberate and common vaccinations of employees (23)
    The National Labor Inspectorate invariably considers it expedient and justified to vaccinate employees against COVID-19 as much as possible , at the same time emphasizing that under the current law, such vaccinations are voluntary.
  • An epidemic of fear. Risk of stress in the workplace related to the COVID-19 pandemic (24)
    During the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, many stressors for employees were revealed and remain relevant despite periods of expiry or even of the pandemic ending . The main stressors are the fear of loss of health and life by the employee, changes in the organization of work related to remote work and the implementation of the work and life balance rule, and the lack of a sense of job security.
  • Under the inspector's magnifying glass: One accident - a lot of irregularities (29)
    It seemed that it was not a serious order. Construction of two small summer houses on a plot of land near Słupsk. Construction seemed to go down routine without having to organize a professional construction site. It ended up with broken ribs and a pneumothorax.
  • Patent for the first job. Campaign in Warmia and Masuria (30)
    During this year's summer holidays, the District Labor Inspectorate in Olsztyn organized an information and educational campaign, due to the characteristics of the region in which it was organized, operating under the sailing name " Patent for the first job".
  • Accidents under surveillance. From the list of accidents at work reported to the National Labor Inspectorate (32)
  • It's worth having rules. Where wood is chopping, it is difficult to find a legal basis (33)
    There is no regulation regulating only the issues of health and safety in the operation of petrol chainsaws, which are widely used not only in forestry works. This does not mean, however, that the labor inspector is helpless when investigating accidents at work involving chainsaws.

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