• In the Parliament of the Republic of Poland: Approval for the budget and development of a safety culture (3)
    The Labor Protection Council at its session on November 23, 2021, conducted in the form of a videoconference, gave a positive opinion on the draft budget of the National Labor Inspectorate for 2022, requesting its approval by the Parliament in the proposed by inspecting the quotas.
  • News not only from Poland (4)
  • Competition for journalists 2021 (7)
    A competition for journalists has been resolved at the Chief Labor Inspectorate, the aim of which is to inspire the media to take up topics related to labor protection, as well as to honor the most engaged journalists. This year, it was decided to award six ex aequo prizes.
  • Awards for activities for safety at work - report from the awards gala of the Chief Labor Inspector (8)
  • Competition "Employer - organizer of safe work" - presentation of the winners of the competition (10)
  • Congratulatory letters (15)
  • SIP - competition laureates (16)
  • Gala at the Royal Castle. Photoreport (18)
    At the Royal Castle in Warsaw, on November 18, 2021, the award ceremony of the Chief Labor Inspector was held. Halina Krahelska and awards in the 28th edition of the "Employer - organizer of safe work" competition. The Chief Labor Inspector's awards were also presented in the competition "Most Active Social Labor Inspector".
  • That two would want at once. Termination of an employment contract by mutual agreement of the parties - practical aspects, taking into account court decisions (part 2) (20)
    Termination of an employment contract by mutual consent is in practice the least conflicting way of terminating the employment relationship, which does not mean that there is no background to disputes between the parties.
  • Proposal to be rejected. Group changing notices (25)
    The analysis of the problem of formulating changing notices in the context of the Act on specific rules for terminating employment relationships for reasons not related to employees results from a specific renaissance of this institution.
  • An outstanding artist, but a tyrant. Debate against mobbing in cultural institutions (30)
    With the participation of the Chief Labor Inspector on November 22 this year. Radio Krakow hosted a debate summarizing the campaign "Work from the backstage - against mobbing and discrimination in Polish theater and art academies", carried out by the District Labor Inspectorate in Krakow, whose media patron was Radio Krakow.
  • Recommendation or obligation? (32)
    In order to eliminate doubts and the necessity to resort to interpretations, it seems justified to initiate legislative changes aimed at unifying and clarifying the provisions in the field of preventive medical examinations and training in the field of occupational health and safety for people who work on a basis other than an employment contract.
  • Explosive atmosphere. The gas from the leaky pipeline accumulated in the basement of petrol stations (34)
    The description of this case is worth remembering by labor inspectors because of the possibility of using conclusions from it during inspections carried out at petrol stations.

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