• IN THE PARLIAMENT OF THE REPUBLIC: Labor Protection Council on safe work in forestry (3)
    Occupational health and safety in forestry is one of the topics discussed during the meeting of the Labor Protection Council on February 6, 2023.
  • News not only from the country (4)
  • Summary of changes in road transport - posting of drivers (part 2) (8)
    By introducing the mobility package, the European Parliament sought to equalize the rules of remuneration for drivers employed in the international transport of goods and passengers, as well as the exchange of information between authorities and enterprises.
  • A threat that cannot be seen - occupational risk assessment in relation to harmful biological agents - outlined and procedure (12)
    Carrying out an occupational risk assessment is one of the basic obligations of the employer towards the employee in order to protect his health and life by providing him with safe and hygienic working conditions. In the case of hazards caused by harmful biological agents, risk assessment is also a key element of biosafety management in the workplace. Guidelines and a procedure developed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine. Prof. J. Nofer in Łódź.
  • Specificity of employment in local governments (18)
    According to the Central Statistical Office, in 2021 only in local government administration, on average, 2,254.8 thousand people were employed. The occupational group of local government employees is an important element of the labor market, especially since local government employees are also employed in units that do not fall within the definition of local government administration, but run by local government or related to it.
  • National Labor Inspectorate at the BUDMA fair (23)
    In Poznań, during the BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair, the conference “Construction. STOP accidents! OHS coordinator as the foundation of a safe construction site.
  • Interview with the winner of the National Labor Inspectorate's "Build Safely" 2022 competition (28)
  • Is it bullying? The phenomenon of mobbing in the jurisprudence of the courts (part 2) (30)
    In Poland, the only body authorized to verify whether mobbing has occurred is the court. During the proceedings, the employee's task is to prove that he has fallen victim to a mobber. Based on the collected evidence, the court determines whether such a phenomenon has taken place, and then, if necessary, decides on appropriate compensation or redress for the injured party.
  • Robotization and algorithmization in work processes (34)
  • The dismissal is not without reason. What should be the reason for terminating an employment contract? (38)
    Both the employee and the employer can decide on the duration of the employment relationship and its possible termination, but the law imposes additional requirements on the employer. He should provide the reason for terminating the employee's employment contract concluded for an indefinite period.
  • When the woods chop. Challenges in the profession of a lumberjack (43)
    In the National Labor Inspectorate's action plan, one of the challenges for 2023 is to reduce the risk of accidents, e.g. in forest service plants during work related to felling and skidding of wood. Manual work is still an important part of obtaining raw material, and the work of a lumberjack/saw is one of the most dangerous in the forestry industry.
    Results of the health and safety survey in the countryside among farmers in the Opolskie Voivodeship in 2021-2022 (46)
    As part of the activities of the Voivodship Commission for Occupational Health and Safety in Agriculture in Opole, a survey was conducted in 2021-2022 on the state of work safety on farms throughout the province.
  • Danger Lurks at the Bottom - Hydrogen Sulphide Poisoning in a Manhole (49)
    While carrying out modernization works at a functioning plant, a sewage treatment plant in Podlasie, one of the workers was poisoned by hydrogen sulphide.

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