Lekarz Medycyny Pracy 2018/07

  • Review of new legal acts in the field of occupational medicine - June 2018 (1)
    • Act of 12 April 2018 amending the act on drivers of vehicles.
    • Regulation of the Prime Minister of June 1, 2018 on periodic and control examinations of officers of the Marshal's Guard.
    • For the announcement of the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy of 11 May 2018 regarding the publication of a uniform text of the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy on health and safety at work on manual transport and other work related to physical effort.
    • Act of May 10, 2018 amending the Act on amending the Act on cash benefits from social insurance in case of illness and motherhood and some other acts.
    • Announcement of the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland of May 10, 2018 regarding the publication of a uniform text of the Act on the Service of Occupational Medicine.
  • Amendments to the Regulation of the Minister of Health regarding medical examination of drivers. Part 1 (3)
    On May 22, 2018, the Regulation of the Minister of Health of 16 May 2018 amending the Regulation on medical examinations of persons applying for driving and driving licenses was announced. The Regulation contains numerous and significant changes regarding the methodology of medical examinations and health requirements for drivers. Since the medical examination of candidates for drivers and drivers are, along with preventive medical examinations of employees, a frequent form of medical examinations carried out by occupational physicians, familiarization with new regulations should be in the interest of occupational physicians.
  • Detailed treatment of medical waste (4)
    On 24 November 2017, the Ordinance of the Minister of Health of 5 October 2017 on the detailed way of dealing with medical waste entered into force.
  • Possibility of the first-level adjudication board conducting the first degree medical consultations with the adjudication body (8)
    According to the regulations, an employee who does not agree with the content of a medical certificate may submit a request for a second examination by a second-level adjudication unit. Should there be a situation where the first-level adjudicating body, recognizing the necessity of conducting additional consultations with another health care unit - performs such consultations in the adjudication unit, which then issues a medical judgment as a judicial body of appeal?
  • Conducting research by the adjudication unit in the scope and time requested by the employee with suspected occupational disease (10)
    How should the adjudication units proceed in case when the employee surveyed by them tries to question the choice of diagnostic methods used in the procedure and their duration. Should the judicial unit comply with the employee's request that the tests be carried out only in the scope and time for which the employee agreed?
  • Forms of support for people with disabilities (13)
    People with disabilities in Poland constitute about 12% of the total population in the country. According to the results of the National Population and Housing Census conducted in 2011, the total number of disabled people was around 4.7 million. This is an extremely heterogeneous group, both due to the type of preserved fitness as well as the occurring dysfunctions or limitations, as well as the possibility of independent functioning and undertaking various types of activities.

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