Lekarz Medycyny Pracy (Doctor of Occupational Medicine) 2019/10

  • Review of new legislation in the field of occupational medicine - September 2019 (1)
    • Regulation of the Minister of Health of 10 September 2019 amending the regulation on the post-graduate internship of a doctor and dentist
    • Regulation of the Minister of National Defense of 30 August 2019 on determining priority fields of medicine for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland
    • Announcement of the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland of 11 September 2019 regarding the publication of a uniform text of the Atomic Law
    • Announcement of the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland of 30 August 2019 regarding the publication of a uniform text of the Act on municipal guards
    • Regulation of the Minister of Energy of August 28, 2019 on health and safety at work at power equipment
    • Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of September 9, 2019 on the model authorization to conduct aero-medical examinations and how to maintain the list of aviation medicine certifying doctors
  • Occurrence of occupational disease symptoms before starting work for another employer (3)
    If the symptoms authorizing the diagnosis of an occupational disease occurred before taking up employment with another employer, and therefore the disease could not be caused by factors occurring at his employer, does it constitute a basis for not recognizing the disease as an occupational disease?
  • Hyperfunctional dysphonia and the diagnosis of occupational disease of the voice organ (5)
    According to the list of occupational diseases, chronic diseases of the voice organ caused by excessive vocal effort are understood to mean hard vocal nodules, secondary hypertrophic changes of the vocal folds or paresis of the internal muscles of the larynx with spindle glottal regurgitation and permanent dysphonia. Can the symptoms of hyperfunctional dysphonia, recognized by the medical judicial unit, determine this type of occupational disease?
  • Exoskeleton. One of humanity's dreams that is just being fulfilled and 'science fiction' is once again becoming a reality (7)
    There are many points in human history that we would undoubtedly consider groundbreaking. The use of steam to power machines has caused acceleration of movement and an industrial revolution in many areas from textiles to the steel industry, electricity has revolutionized virtually every area of life, even if giving us light with the invention of the light bulb, the internal combustion engine made people much more mobile than the steam railway, the plane enabled traveling over huge distances over a dozen hours instead of several months, the Internet ... Examples could be multiplied. Recent years have brought a breakthrough in the field of carrying huge loads, making hand movements with inhuman strength, and improving effortless movement over long distances. Who of us did not dream of seven-mile shoes? We're talking about an exoskeleton, an invention that revolutionizes many areas of our lives at a very dynamic pace.
  • Chemical safety data sheet (11)
    The legal basis is the Act on Chemical Substances and Mixtures, which regulates the conditions or prohibitions on the production, placing on the market or use of chemical substances, hereinafter referred to as "substances", on their own, as components of mixtures or in articles.

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