Lekarz Medycyny Pracy (Doctor of Occupational Medicine) 2022/01

  • Occupational medicine clinic
    • Preventive care of people working in conditions of exceeding hygienic standards (1)
      The most important element characterizing employment conditions in exposure to chemical and physical factors is the amount of their concentration / intensity in the work environment. Therefore, exposure assessment in relation to the values of hygienic standards is so important during preventive examinations. What should you remember about?
    • Driving instructor psychological testing - what to consider (5)
      The driving instructor and the driving instructor candidate stand out from other groups of drivers because their profession is primarily a teacher. In psychological and occupational medicine research, one should therefore pay attention to its features that will not only prove being a good driver, but also a teacher.
  • Legal comments
    • Whether models of medical certificates should be modified to establish the existence or absence of medical contraindications for driving (7)
      A person applying for a license to drive a moped, motor vehicle or to drive a tram is subject to a medical examination. Its purpose is to find out whether there are health contraindications for driving. The ruling contains the legal basis for the study, which is the Act on Vehicle Drivers. Taking into account the changes that took place in the content of this Act, should the content of the medical certificate be modified and the current legal basis should be quoted in it by indicating the uniform text of the Act on vehicle drivers?
    • From December 5, the duties of doctors and psychologists performing tests of drivers have changed (9)
      From December 5, 2021, a major part of the extensive amendment to the Road Transport Act has been in force. Its main goal is to transfer EU provisions to the Polish legal system. The amendment affected, inter alia, on the duties of doctors and psychologists performing driver examinations. Check what has changed.
  • Forms
    • Instructions on how to complete a medical certificate for drivers (12)
    • Register of issued decisions - how to avoid disclosure of patient data (14)
      How to avoid disclosure of data in the register of issued decisions kept in paper form, when patients sign it by hand?
  • Calendar of changes
    • Most recent legal changes (16)

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