• Occupational medicine clinic
    • Spatial vision and its assessment in the practice of occupational medicine physician (1)
      Spatial vision is one of the most important activities of the visual system in the context of occupational medicine. The efficiency of this function is required for qualification to work in many professions.
    • Psychotechnical examination of miners - which must be remembered by an occupational medicine psychologist (5)
      Mining positions require psychotechnical examinations. Contrary to appearances, it is a very diverse profession. The psychological interview and the selection of methods can therefore be selected individually depending on the position. For most miners, the test will be similar to the driver test. The exceptions are blast miners using explosives, who will be investigated as applicants for a firearms license.
  • Legal comments
    • Does lifting the epidemic have an impact on occupational preventive medical examinations (7)
      Replacing the epidemic with an epidemic threat in the scope of duties related to occupational preventive examinations does not update the obligation to send employees to periodic examinations with the obligation to conduct them by occupational medicine units.
    • Bus drivers will have to be provided with better sanitary and social conditions (9)
      Improving the sanitary and social working conditions of city bus drivers is one of the assumptions of the new regulations on occupational health and safety in public transport and intercity bus transport.
    • Should the occupational medicine doctor popularize the issues of occupational health and safety and ergonomics (12)
      The occupational medicine doctor should cooperate with the employer in initiating and developing forms of popularizing the issues of occupational health and safety and the principles of ergonomics. Therefore, if the employer and the OSH structures subordinate to him undertake such activities, the occupational medicine service should participate in them. What will her role be?
    • Can an occupational medicine doctor perform a preventive medical examination of an employee without a contract signed with the employer? (15)
      The employer should not honor medical certificates issued by a doctor other than the one with whom he has a contract for preventive health care for employees.
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