• Occupational medicine clinic
    • How to provide preventive care for people working at height (3)
      Working at height is one of the most common professional practices. What should you remember when performing preventive examinations for this group of employees?
    • A Contraindication Statement for Driving - What a transport psychologist should know (5)
      Many drivers and employees wonder what happens when they receive a driving license certificate. As far as this concerns contraindications to perform a given profession, e.g. an examiner, you can look for another job. But what if a professional driver loses his driving license and cannot get it back? What procedure should a transport psychologist implement?
  • Legal comments
    • No contraindications to work - must be unambiguous, not conditional (7)
      As a result of employee preventive examinations, the doctor issues a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications to work in a specific position or the existence of contraindications to work in a specific position under the working conditions described in the referral for medical examinations. Find out why the practice of issuing judgments that there are no contraindications to work while pointing to limitations in terms of responsibilities is not appropriate.
    • Ionizing radiation and the scope and frequency of occupational preventive medical examinations (10)
      Workers exposed to ionizing radiation must perform specific preventive examinations within a specified period of time. The employer directs them to them. What does the occupational medicine doctor need to know about the scope of such tests?
    • Medical stamp - what are your information obligations when you lose it (12)
      Losing a stamp is not a pleasant experience. It is always stressful for the person who has used it. What must be done to prevent a personal data breach?
    • Authorizations to process personal data - when an occupational health clinic has to issue them (13)
      Occupational health practitioners have access to the personal data they process. However, such processing should be at the behest of a medical institution. Check whether all physicians should always be authorized to process data.
  • Forms
    • What to check to be sure that you keep electronic medical records properly - instruction (15)
  • Calendar of changes
    • Most recent legal changes (16)

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