• Occupational medicine clinic
    • What may be the consequences of being diagnosed with an occupational disease without permanent clinical consequences (1)
      Legislation adopted in most countries, including Poland, provides for granting financial benefits to people affected by the health effects of occupational diseases. A patient applying for a diagnosis of such a disease is usually aimed at obtaining compensation, preferably a disability benefit. However, does the diagnosis of such a disease in every case result in the granting of financial benefits?
    • Psychological examination of the machine operator - what to look for (6)
      A large, and at the same time very diverse group of respondents are machine operators - excavators, gantries, cranes, etc. They are referred for examinations in the field of occupational medicine and often have the same functions as drivers, but they do not receive a certificate, but only the result of the consultation for the doctor.
  • Legal comments
    • Control and periodic examination - selected doubts from practice (8)
      The period of the COVID-19 epidemic and the state of epidemic threat modified the previous rules related to sending employees to periodic examinations, while maintaining the obligation to carry out preliminary and follow-up examinations. Problematic situations arise in the case of the confluence of control and periodic examinations. In such a situation, what is the role of the examining physician?
    • The role of an occupational medicine doctor in the organization of work of a pregnant or lactating woman (10)
      Proper organization of the work of a pregnant or nursing woman naturally belongs directly to the employing entity. However, the contract with the basic unit of the occupational medicine service imposes certain obligations on the doctor who provides preventive health care for the employees. Check how to implement them.
    • Hepatitis B vaccination - how many doses should be prescribed by an occupational medicine doctor (13)
      How to deal with an orthopedic surgeon or dentist who has a high anti-HBc total antibody titre (i.e. probably has or has no symptoms of hepatitis B)? How to proceed with a seropositive candidate for employment as a surgeon or operating nurse?

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