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    • New obligation - hunters must undergo periodic examinations (1)
      The deadline for the submission of medical and psychological certificates by hunters with a firearms license soon expires. Until now, such examinations had to be performed only once, therefore doctors authorized to issue relevant certificates can expect that the number of people interested in obtaining them will increase.
    • Chemical substances in the work environment - there will be an amendment to the regulation (3)
      Due to the fact that on July 1, 2020, the State Sanitary Inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration was liquidated, and its tasks were taken over by the State Sanitary Inspection, it is necessary to amend the regulation on substances chemicals, their mixtures, agents or technological processes having a carcinogenic or mutagenic effect in the work environment. Check what is included in the draft amendment.
  • Occupational medicine clinic
    • Preventive examinations of people "not exposed" to factors harmful to health - legal possibilities and practice (4)
      What qualifications must a doctor have to perform preventive examinations of employees? Is there a group of 'unexposed' workers who can be cared for by GPs or GPs? Find out the answers to these questions.
    • Is fear a significant contraindication to driving (7)
      One of the significant contraindications to working as a driver or practicing a profession by a person who has a company car is fear. A person who is afraid to drive a car should not work in a car related profession as long as the anxiety persists.
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    • Entrusting an employee with another job - when preventive initial medical examinations are necessary (9)
      The end of the year is conducive to temporary delegation of employees to another job. Then you can combine the permissible time to perform other duties, which in a given calendar year is 3 months. Check whether the employee's admission to other duties should be preceded by initial preventive examinations.
    • The patient's right to medical records - how to comply with it in the occupational medicine service (12)
      Lack of descriptions of examinations, identification of the person providing health services or legible entries are the most common errors in medical records that may expose a medical facility to charges of violation of collective patient rights. Such misconduct was recently investigated by the Patient Rights Ombudsman. Check what practices to avoid so as not to expose yourself to a similar accusation.
    • Harmful biological agent and employee's ability to work (14)
      Employees of medical facilities perform work in specific conditions in terms of the working environment. There are many factors in it, especially biological factors. Can diagnosing an employee in the context of recognizing or excluding a disease that may be the result of exposure to a harmful biological agent be the reason for removing the employee from his duties?
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    • Instructions for sharing medical records with the patient (15)
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    • Latest legal changes (16)

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