• Legal Comments
    • The most important obligations related to providing access to medical records (1)
      Patients, authorized persons and entities providing medical services have the right to access medical records. However, the regulations also allow other entities to view medical documents. What are the rules for sharing medical records?
    • You register patients via the Internet - how to ensure data security (4)
      An important issue related to the use of systems for the provision of online medical services is to ensure a sufficiently high level of data security. How do I ensure the compliance of the patient registration platform with the provisions on the protection of personal data?
    • The most common mistakes of medical facilities in risk analysis (6)
      The detection of errors and taking appropriate steps to prevent violations of the GDPR are the benefits of a proper risk analysis. Check how to avoid the most common mistakes in this process.
    • When an occupational health practitioner should be authorized to process personal data (8)
      Personal data may only be processed by persons acting under the authority and instructions of the controller or processor. The GDPR regulation obliges the controller to have control over who and to what extent has access to personal data. Check that you must always authorize doctors.
    • How to verify the authenticity of the patient's authorization (10)
      Authorization to access the patient's medical records should indicate, inter alia: name and surname of the authorized person. How to check if a statement is true?
    • How to safely use telemedicine software (11)
      Medical facilities can most often provide telemedicine services thanks to software provided by external entities. Check your obligations related to the protection of data processed in the provided IT system.
    • Cooperation with the supplier of the IT system - which you must remember (12)
      Collecting and analyzing data is an important feature of IT systems, which are an important managerial tool. How to ensure data security, stability and intuitiveness for users? How to arrange cooperation with a supplier?
  • Forms
    • Registry of shared medical records (15)
    • The patient refuses to put on a protective mask in the clinic - how to proceed (16)

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