• Occupational medicine clinic
    • How to become an Aeromedical Medical Examiner. (1)
      As a specialist in occupational medicine and after several years of gaining experience in conducting preventive examinations, it is worth thinking about extending your competences to other types of certification. Check how to become an aviation medicine examiner.
    • Color perception disorders - importance in occupational medicine (4)
      Color vision is a specific function of the human visual system. Their proper perception is required when qualifying for certain professions. Learn the details of color vision and how to evaluate this feature.
    • Psychotechnical examination of a passenger transport driver (7)
      A driver who transports people professionally takes on a special responsibility. This type of driver is a difficult and dangerous profession. High psychophysical fitness is required of him.
  • Legal Comments
    • Does the doctor have to respect the scope of preventive examinations when indicated in the referral by the employer (10)
      It is the responsibility of the employing entity to refer the employee for preventive examinations, and the physician conducting the examination is obliged to assess the health condition in the context of the employee's ability to perform work in the conditions described in the referral. Should it include the scope of research?
    • How to handle paper-based medical records when scanning them (13)
      Medical facilities have the ability to digitize medical records, which are kept in paper form. This results from the Act on the information system in health care. What are the basic principles that should be followed in the digitization process?
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    • 10 Important Principles for Data Protection in Health Records - Manual (15)
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    • Latest legal changes (16)

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