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    • What or who can interfere with the psychotechnical examination (1)
      Many people wonder whether in certain unusual situations, such as study interference, they should be stopped or continued. Sometimes it happens that the study may be disturbed by other people, technical problems or the fault of the psychologist himself. Check what to do in such a situation.
    • Deciding on the ability to work of a person suffering from epilepsy - an interesting case of certification (5)
      Epilepsy is a fairly common disease that may be a contraindication to some work. Learn the rules for assessing the ability to work in people with this disease on the example of a complicated certification case.
    • Psychotechnical examination of a driving examiner (8)
      A driving examiner is a unique profession, because in addition to having high skills and driving skills, he should have special personality traits - have an unblemished reputation, be an honest person and be able to judge fairly.
  • Legal Comments
    • Prophylactic examinations out of sequence - the initiative of the employee and the employer (10)
      From time to time, the problem of the possibility or lack thereof of sending employees for preventive examinations returns like a boomerang earlier than it would result from the date indicated by the doctor conducting the examination in the content of the certificate stating the lack of contraindications to work. There are questions from both occupational medicine doctors and employers about the direct legal basis for such activities. There is no direct provision, which does not mean that early referral for preventive examinations should be assessed as an unlawful act.
    • Which units are authorized to test drivers who have lost their driving license (14)
      With regard to examinations for the restoration of driving licenses, the new regulations for drivers abolish the zoning. Can other outpatient clinics now also perform such tests, and not only voivodship occupational medicine centres? Which institutions are entitled to test a driver who has lost his driving license due to exceeding the number of penalty points?
  • Forms
    • Instructions on how to fill out a certificate for a firefighter and a firefighter candidate of the Volunteer Fire Department (15)
      Periodic medical examinations of a volunteer firefighter rescuer are mandatory medical examinations, the purpose of which is to ensure that the rescuer firefighter is healthy and physically fit and does not pose a threat to himself or others while performing his work. Tests are an important part of ensuring the safety and health of firefighters and rescuers, and ensure that these people are able to effectively perform their duties in any situation. Check how to fill out a certificate for a firefighter of the Volunteer Fire Department / candidate for a firefighter of the Voluntary Fire Service.
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    • Latest legal changes (16)

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