• Original work
    • Assessment of the type of farmers’ low back pain
      Spinal overload among blue-collar workers occurs most frequently in the lumbar spine. Long-lasting spinal overload results in pain syndromes leading to limitations in everyday and professional life. The research revealed that individual farmers complained of low back pain significantly more often. The pain was usually defined as constant pain, chronic pain, acute pain or hip pain radiating to legs
    • Spine pain in the firefighter profession
      Musculoskeletal disorders mainly affecting the spine constitute one of the major social problems. Frequently, they constitute the cause of prolonged absence at work. Working in a fire brigade is specific because of the physical strain, working time under adverse conditions or stress related to rescue operations. The IPAQ confirmed the high level of physical activity of the study population. Even though the study group was small, the results of ODI showed a minor degree of disability.
    • Assessment of psychoophysical capacities for professional work in late middle age and at the beginning of old age
      In Poland average life expectancy extends, while the number of the elderly who are active in the labor market decreases. The results of own research did not show significant differences in psychophysical state between people in late middle age and at the beginning of old age. Most of the researched participants declared their willingness to continue professional work. Due to changing demographic conditions, it is becoming an important issue to maintain the highest possible level of professional activity of older people in the labor market in Poland.
    • Musculoskeletal, auditory and skin problems associated with the game on the instrument
      Physical load, exposure to noise and intense skin contact with a musical instrument resulting from the musician's work have an impact on the development of musculoskeletal, auditory and skin disorders. The aim of this study is to recognize the health problems associated with playing the instrument in a group of Polish musicians and to indicate differences in this respect between students and professionals.
    • Suppression of ultrasonic noise in the frequency range 10-16 kHz by noise-reducing inserts
      The aim of the research was to determine the suppression of ultrasonic noise with center frequencies in the range of 10-16 kHz by noise-reducing inserts. The test results showed the lack of a homogeneous connection between sound damping in the frequency range of 10-16 kHz and the catalog parameter H (high frequency damping) of noise insulation inserts. Therefore, it is not possible to simply determine the suppression of ultrasonic noise in the frequency range 10-16 kHz, eg using sound attenuation data for the frequency range typically considered (up to 8 kHz).
    • The effect of methionine and vitamin E on oxidative stress evaluated in the liver of rats exposed to sodium fluoride
      Fluoride affects many processes in the body. The controversy regarding the evaluation of fluoride compounds on the body results mainly from a narrow range of concentrations between tolerated and toxic doses. In one of the mechanisms of fluorine toxicity, its ability to cause oxidative stress plays a significant role by generating free radicals and reducing the efficiency of the enzymatic antioxidant system. An important direction of research is the search for interaction of fluorine with other substances that can both increase and decrease the effects of its action. Statistically significant changes in CuZnSOD, GPX and CAT activity as well as MDA concentration were observed. No statistically significant changes were found for t-SOD, MnSOD, GR and GST. Under the conditions of the experiment, enzymatic antioxidant protection of the organism within the liver cells was exhausted, observed by lowering the activity of antioxidant enzymes (CAT and GPX) and an increase in the concentration of MDA in the NaF group. The addition of vitamin E and methionine does not significantly stimulate the enzymatic antioxidant system, however, it has a positive effect on reducing the concentration of MDA in liver cells.
    • Intended use of biological factors in Poland based on data from the National Biological Factors Register
      The publication presents the intended use of biological agents for industrial, diagnostic and scientific-research purposes in enterprises in Poland as of December 2017. The organization, legal and central nature cause that KRCB is a unique database that allows diagnosis of the situation and monitoring the dynamics in time in the context of professional exposure to harmful biological agents deliberately used in enterprises in Poland.
    • Self-assessment of health condition, accidents during service and prevention of occupational stress in the Prison Service
      The aim of the work was to assess the level of health of employees, to estimate the number of accidents during service and to identify the use and perceived effectiveness of prevention of occupational stress in the Prison Service (SW). Frequent headaches, sleep disturbances and hypertension complain of 9-14% of officers. One in 20 SW officers often uses painkillers. Every eight officer in the 5 years preceding the survey had an accident during his service, which is a result of several times higher than people working in Poland. 70% of the staff took part in the stress prevention and interpersonal training workshops, and most officers consider them to be effective. Lack of the possibility to make holidays according to the schedule is 10% of the sample tested, and every 20th SW officer must stop him due to the situation in the service. It was revealed that preferences in the area of applied coping strategies turned out to be slightly differentiating between officers who were taking up and not active in the prevention of occupational stress. Functionaries serving in a multi-shift system and with a longer service period should be covered by greater prevention from the Occupational Medicine of the Prison Service. Conducting training in the prevention of occupational stress should take place at the beginning of the service.
    • Model of preventive measures integrated with preventive care for employees - prevention of some types of cancer among women
      In Poland, employees are subject to compulsory periodic medical examinations. This creates a unique opportunity to implement activities aimed at the early detection of many diseases, including cancer, into a system of preventive care for the workers. Epidemiological data on cancer diseases are worrying - moreover, further growth of malignant tumors in the general population is predicted. The most common nipple among Polish women is breast cancer responsible for 21.7% of cases, while malignant tumors of the uterus, ovary and cervix constitute 7.4%, 4.7% and 3.5%, respectively. The aim of this work was to develop an algorithm of preventive actions integrated with preventive care over employees, based on a review of medical literature and applicable guidelines for the prevention of selected types of cancer. The publication presents functioning prevention programs for cancer and their risk factors. Practical solutions were also developed to enable professionals involved in the protection of workers' health to prevent certain types of cancer occurring in women.
  • Review work
    • Assessment of bronchial hyperreactivity and its application in the diagnosis of work-related asthma
      Bronchial hyperresponsiveness (BHR) is an individual's ability to react to a specific and non-specific stimulus that does not cause such a response in a healthy person. Bronchial hyperreactivity is one of the hallmarks of asthma. The degree of bronchialyperresponsiveness varies in people with this disease and correlates with its severity (the more severe the course of asthma, the greater the hyperresponsiveness of the bronchi). The BHR detection and measurement are provided by inhalation challenge tests that use physical and chemical factors. These tests were divided - depending on their mechanism of action - directly and indirectly. Direct tests are extremely sensitive and are mainly used in diagnostics excluding asthma. Provocation with indirect factors is less precise, but more specific in comparison with direct tests. They are used primarily to confirm the diagnosis of asthma and better inference about inflammatory changes in the patient. Bronchial hyperresponsiveness tests play an important role in occupational medicine. In specific cases, they should be performed during preliminary tests of employees before their employment, during periodic examinations, in the diagnosis and monitoring of occupational asthma and work-related asthma. This article describes selected bronchial provocation tests and their application in the diagnosis of work-related asthma.

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