• Impact of exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation on attitude to the therapy, aims in life and professional work in patients after myocardial infarction
    Comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation aims to restore pathophysiological and psychosocial consequences of myocardial infarction (MI). The aim of the study was to assess how exercise-only-based cardiac rehabilitation (ECR) influences the attitude to the therapy (ATT), to the aims in life and professional work (AAL) amongst men and women after MI.
  • The impact of the use of amalgam in dental treatment on the prevalence of restless legs syndrome in older people
    The link between restless legs syndrome (RLS) and the number of amalgam fillings in older people was investigated. Restless legs syndrome decreases the quality of life and impairs normal functioning. Mercury (in amalgam) may be toxic to nerve cells and may account for the incidence of RLS. Authors conclude that while examining the correlates of the appearance of restless legs syndrome the use of amalgam in the dentition should be taken into account.
  • Evaluation of temporary hearing changes related to work as a bartender
    In the entertainment industry, noise often reaches high levels of acoustic pressure, but the risk of hearing impairment in this sector has not yet been thoroughly assessed. The aim of the study was to assess the relationship between the exposure to high sound levels and the temporary shift of the hearing threshold in people working as a bartender at entertainment venues. The research included 18 bartenders (average age: 25 ± 7 years) employed in a music club (N = 8), pub (N = 5) and a disco (N = 5). Sound levels and noise frequency characteristics were determined using individual dosimetry. Hearing thresholds were assessed by means of tonal audiometry carried out before the beginning of the working day and directly (up to 15 minutes) after its end. Hearing tests were carried out at the bartenders during 2 or 3 research sessions during weekends. 92 pre-and post-exposure audiograms were obtained.
  • Evaluation of noise exposure and risk of hearing damage in employees using headset communication sets or headphones
    The aim of the work was to assess the noise exposure and the risk of hearing loss due to noise among users of headset communication sets or headphones.
  • Specific correlates and the general psychological mechanism of post-traumatic stress disorder in paramedics
    Medical rescuers are characterized by an increased risk of disorders after traumatic stress. The aim of the research project was to identify specific correlates of post-traumatic stress disorder, understood in terms of emotional and cognitive deficits and resources under the forms of alexithymia, ruminations and coping strategies in this professional group.
  • Emission of nanometer size particles during selected processes of machining of building materials
    The processes of using and processing building materials containing nanomaterials may be related to the emission into the working environment of a large number of particles with dimensions of nanometers, which are a potential source of occupational exposure to these structures. The aim of the work was to evaluate the emission of nanoparticles and ultrafine particles during selected processes of machining construction materials.
  • Delays in the treatment of women diagnosed with breast cancer and selected demographic and social factors
    So far, there have been few studies in Poland regarding delays in breast cancer therapy. The aim of this study was to determine the causes and scale of problems of this type and to indicate the role of demographic and social factors in the occurrence of delays in treatment.
  • Harmful biological factors in plants for the thermal treatment of municipal waste
    The storage of municipal waste in specially designated areas for many years was the basic method of their management - thermal utilization is now preferable. The assessment of working conditions in municipal waste incineration plants is hindered due to the variability and complexity of pollution emitted as a result of combustion. Authors of the works describing this problem for many years focused mainly on chemical pollution inside the tested plants and pollutants emitted to the atmosphere. It was estimated that the concentration of organic dust in the workplace was 0.1-14 mg / m3. It has been proven that this dust is the carrier of many different microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and mesophilic and thermophilic mesophilic as well as adenovirus and torque teno virus. The presence of bacterial endotoxins in concentrations up to 50,000 EU / m3, which may significantly affect the occurrence of pro-inflammatory reactions in the lungs and toxic pneumonia, has also been found in the workers breathing zone at workplaces. Biological factors should be taken into account in the occupational risk assessment as harmful factors occurring in this environment, and the detailed characterization of exposure and health effects resulting from contact with them should be continued in an even broader scope.
  • Health effects of exposure to a permanent magnetic field - a review of the literature
    The authors discuss the effects of permanent magnetic field exposure (SPM) based on reports from the literature. The systematic review covered both human and animal studies. An analysis of various potential effects of SPM, eg carcinogenic, and its effects on reproductive disorders, effects on the nervous system, cardiovascular system or on metabolic disorders was made. The possible biophysical and biological effects of the SPM are also described.
  • Severe facial reaction to thiurams in surgeons
    Contact dermatitis is a major problem in the healthcare environment and in other sectors. Healthcare professionals may be exposed to a large number of chemical agents, including the accelerators for rubber vulcanization process. The prevalence of allergic contact dermatitis among operators in the sector ranges 13–30%. This paper describes the case of a 46-year-old male cardiac surgeon affected by a severe skin reaction localized on the face in the absence of hand dermatitis, presumably resulting from the use of a surgical patch applied to the face. Patch tests were performed and the result was negative for latex and positive (+++) for thiuram mix. A thiuram-free tape was prescribed and the operator’s dermatitis improved significantly. Thus, it would be very important to pay attention to skin disorders in health workers and thiuram as an occupational allergen.
  • Health criteria and scope of prophylactic examinations for selected types of work and exposure factors - guidelines of the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Łódź
    Preventive examinations of employees referred to in the Labor Code are one of the tasks of the occupational medicine service. They are regulated by law in unchanged form for over 20 years. During this period, new harmful, burdensome or dangerous to health factors appeared in many workplaces, for which no standard of prophylactic examinations was defined. The health criteria for drivers and persons applying for driving licenses have also been liberalized. The above changes, the authors' own experience, comments and problems reported by physicians who provide preventive care and employers and the analysis of literature related to health care working in other countries have created the need to harmonize and update guidelines on health requirements for selected types of work. In addition, the scope and frequency of prophylactic examinations for exposures, which are not included in the applicable legal acts, were developed.

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