• Work patterns and a tendency among Polish nurses to leave their job
    Work patterns are important factors in employees’ decisions to change their job or leave their profession. The majority of nurses in Poland are women who play other social roles besides work. For this reason, satisfaction with their work patterns including input into work schedules, has a particularly significant impact on considering the idea of quitting their job.
  • Nurse job satisfaction at a surgical ward – a comparative study between Sweden and Poland
    Job satisfaction is a major issue in work psychology among nurses, and in the surgical nursing context, important factors leading to the perception of job satisfaction have been suggested. Two European Union neighboring countries (Sweden and Poland) were chosen for the purpose of this study due to similar nursing education but different health care systems, employment regulations and salaries. Recognition of the factors which are related to nurse job satisfaction may lead to improvements in the nurses’ working conditions. The aim of this study was to explore and compare job satisfaction and various factors among Polish and Swedish nurses in a surgical ward context.
  • The association between the Mediterranean diet and high physical activity among the working population in Croatia
    Unhealthy eating habits and physical inactivity constitute an emerging public health problem. The working population is of special interest for public health monitoring and evaluation because workers’ unhealthy lifestyles may lead to reduced work ability. The aim of this study was to determine diet quality and adherence to the Mediterranean diet (MD), according to the level of physical activity, and to detect variables associated with the working population’s being highly physically active.
  • Initial adaptation and validation of the Climate Scale overloaded with the work of Mazzetti, Schaufeli, Guglielmi and Depola
    The aim of the research was the initial adaptation and validation of the Mazda Scale, Overland Climate Scale, Mazzetti, Schaufeli, Guglielmi and Depola. The scale analyzes two dimensions: supporting work over dimension and no pay for work above the norm.
  • Prevention of dysfunctions on the part of the musculoskeletal system on the example of the implementation of the Prevention of spinal pain syndrome in nursing staff
    Most of the activities, both static and dynamic at the nurse's professional work, are performed in a forced position. Excessive and improper loading of the musculoskeletal system, especially when lifting and moving patients, is the cause of many injuries and pain. The work presents the implementation and evaluation of the program for prevention of musculoskeletal dysfunctions directed to professionally active nurses.
  • Emotions and professional burnout of public administration officials: testing the shape of relations in transverse and longitudinal models
    The connection of positivity, i.e. the proportion between positive and negative emotions, and occupational burnout can take the form of a curvilinear shape. Moreover, from a theoretical perspective, it is a cause-and-effect relationship in which positivity is proximal and burn-out - a distal dimension of professional well-being. Previous studies, however, were mostly carried out in the transversal plan and tested straight line relations. The aim of the study was to examine the relationship between positivity and professional burnout, taking into account lateral and longitudinal plans on the example of a group of public administration officials.
  • The usefulness of an optical meter to assess human exposure to fine dust contained in indoor air
    An important issue in the health risk assessment is the measurement of individual exposure, also for atmospheric air pollution with fine dust. Such possibilities give relatively easy to use optical meters. The aim of the work was to assess the possibility of using an optical AM520 meter to measure individual human exposure to PM2,5 and PM10 fine dust, contained in enclosed spaces, by determining the calibration coefficient and assessing the compliance of the measurement with the reference method.
  • Sociodemographic indicators of alcohol dependence in people treated with rehab in a post-industrial city
    The aim of the study was to assess the impact of place of residence and other socio-demographic indicators on the incidence of alcohol dependency syndrome (ZZA) in a post-industrial city of> 100,000. residents.
  • Analysis of volatile components of selected essential oils with a relaxing effect
    Stress is the result of disturbed homeostasis and can be the cause of many diseases. One of the methods of combating it is aromatherapy, which uses essential oils with relaxing and relaxing properties. The aim of the work was a qualitative analysis of selected essential oils with a relaxing effect.
  • Coping with stress caused by mobbing in the workplace: umbrella review
    Knowledge about victims' reactions to stressful events is important because it allows those responsible for counteracting mobbing to choose the right strategy for intervention when it appears in the organization. Early intervention is important because mobbing is not subject to victim control, which has few ways of dealing with it. People experiencing mobbing have knowledge about common reactions to this phenomenon and can help by limiting these reactions and facilitating the use of seeking help. The purpose of this review was to determine whether and which styles and strategies for coping with stress can play an important role in the process of experiencing mobbing in the workplace. The review includes articles published in the years 1984-2018. The results of the research may indicate that in the face of mobbing all forms of coping are indifferent, and sometimes they can even worsen the situation of the victim. This is because experiencing mobbing is a highly traumatic situation that victims experience for a long time. Therefore, mobbing can be classified as objective, universal stressors, which most of the individuals, regardless of their perception, will put into a state of strong stress.

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