• Noise reduction at the shooting range with level-dependent hearing protectors
    The aim of the tests was to determine the possibility of reducing the impulse noise with the use of hearing protectors depending on the level at the shooting range. The tests included 9 models of level dependent ear muffs and 2 models of level-dependent ear plugs. They were carried out in the presence of impulse noise generated by 7 types of firearms (pistols, machine pistol, rifles, shotgun). The tests were carried out on an external shooting range, using an acoustic test device that meets the requirements of ANSI / ASA S12.42-2010. Noise parameters have been set for the noise reaching the microphones installed in the acoustic devices of the test device: uncovered and protected by the tested hearing protectors.
  • Health promotion in medium and large companies in Poland in 2017 - dissemination, implementation, effects and difficulties
    The article presents the state of health promotion in workplaces in Poland on December 2017. A representative sample of 1000 companies employing over 50 people used standardized computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI).
  • The sense of threat and stress - the mediating role of social ties in the workplace on the example of the mining rescuer profession
    There is a sense of threat and stress associated with working in high-risk occupations. The aim of the research conducted in the group of mining rescuers from December 2016 to May 2017 was to determine the relationship between these variables. It was assumed that the quality of social ties with co-workers plays the role of a mediator of the assumed relationship.
  • Work ethic and organizational attachment and burnout
    The article presents the results of research on the relationships of work ethics and organizational attachment to burnout, made on the sample of employees of various companies and professions: lawyers, IT specialists, doctors, railwaymen, officials and teachers (N = 335).
  • Simulator disease in the training of military and civilian pilots of various types of aircraft
    With the increased popularity and availability of simulators training used for pilot training, the appearance of numerous side effects of this technology has been observed. Symptoms of simulant disease are similar to those associated with motion sickness - e.g. dizziness, vomiting, as well as spatial disorientation and limitation of the ability to concentrate. However, they depend on the individual predispositions of the simulator users.
  • Computational calculations of speech intelligibility in open space office spaces
    Noise in open space office spaces, causing unintentional reception of conversations and related decocentering, is particularly troublesome for employees. The article specifies the computational range of speech intelligibility in the selected open space office space.
  • Teachers' humor and relationships with chronic fatigue - the mediating role of a sense of stress at work
    In recent years, many scientific studies both in Poland and in the world have proven that the teaching profession is associated with high levels of stress. Experiencing long-term stress and a small ability to meet challenges can lead to chronic fatigue. Personal resources, which include humor described through styles and coping with humor, are of key importance in coping with stress.
  • The relationship between night work and eating patterns among nurses: literature review
    The shift work system can affect the temporary distribution of the quality of food and diet. The aim of the study was to analyze a number of studies on the relationship between night work and dietary habits among nurses. Data from the PubMed and Google Schoolar databases were searched, as well as reference letters in selected articles. The authors used the following key words: nurses, shift work, diet, nutrition. The reviews selected articles published in English or Polish, and finally 19 articles published in the years 2000-2017 were identified. The research differed considerably in terms of the size of the study, the age of the subjects and the working time on the night shift. The main problem was the variety of tools used to assess the diet.
  • Cytostatic and cytotoxic waste - principles of conduct in Poland
    Poland is one of the European countries in which the most hazardous medical waste is produced. Although in Europe the amount of cytotoxic and cytostatic waste produced (used in chemotherapy by oncologically ill patients) has been decreasing for several years, in Poland it is growing. These wastes constitute a safety hazard for medical workers and patients receiving medications. Therefore, special procedures are required to reduce the harmfulness of these drugs to human health. The aim of the work was to present the rules of conduct in Poland with cytotoxic and cytostatic drugs and their waste.
  • Perchlorethylene: acute occupational intoxication and the proposal to replace it with other less toxic substances
    Perchlorethylene is mainly used as a solvent for dry cleaning, cleaning of electrical equipment and degreasing of metal parts. The authors report a case of acute poisoning with perchlorethylene contracted by a maintenance worker while cleaning an electrical transformer. Because perchlo-acetylene can cause serious poisoning and the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified it as a likely carcinogen for humans, the authors reviewed major substances that can replace perchlorethylene in the workplace.

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