Medycyna Pracy (Occupational Medicine) 2020/05

  • Comparison of lung cancer risk in black-coal miners based on mortality and incidence
    Cancer risk (especially as regards lung cancer) in black-coal miners is mainly analyzed on the basis of mortality. The risk calculated based on mortality may differ from the values based on incidence. The aim of the study was to compare cancer risk in black-coal miners with and without coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP), based on data on mortality and the incidence of lung cancer in the Czech Republic in 1992–2013.
  • Occupational exposure to antineoplastic drugs in hospital environments: potential risk associated with contact with cyclophosphamide- and ifosfamide-contaminated surfaces
    Cyclophosphamide (CP) and ifosfamide (IP) contaminations have been detected in hospital environments. This study was conducted to determine if there was any contamination in the spaces (floors and door handles) between the hospital exit and the antineoplastic drugs (ADs) preparation and administration units. At the same time, the authors proposed a new automation of the analytical procedure to considerably decrease the time needed for sample preparation and analysis.
  • Selected aspects of the knowledge and practice concerning hand hygiene guidelines in the context of infection control structures in hospitals and long-term care facilities – findings of a questionnaire survey
    Hand hygiene (HH) is the simplest and the most fundamental means of hospital-acquired infection (HAI) prevention in both hospitals and long-term care facilities (LTCFs) which differ as to their structure, organization and epidemiology. The objective of this study was to evaluate the knowledge of, and attitudes towards, compliance with the HH guidelines by medical staff of LTCFs and hospitals, in the context of infection control organization. The results of the study indicate that the organizational conditions and practice of HH in LTCFs and hospitals present some differences. Therefore, there is a need for observational studies concerning HH in the context of the structure and organization of infection control, as they are necessary for the development and implementation of effective programs to improve the situation in this field.
  • Physical activity of future health care professionals: adherence to current recommendations
    When assessing physical activity (PA), particular attention should be paid to medical university students who are taught to be health care professionals (HCPs) responsible for maintaining health in humans. However, different studies have shown that HCPs exhibit the same unhealthy behaviors as the general population. This study analyzed PA among medical university students of different faculties and their adherence to current PA recommendations. This study revealed a low level of leisure time PA among the students, and no habit of regular PA. Some changes in medical education should be suggested to include physical education as a long-term subject in medical school curricula. Future research is needed to investigate the exercise barriers that students perceive, which can guide future interventions aimed at improving their PA, and thereby impact on the quality of health care which they will provide.
  • Factor structure and initial validation of the Questionnaire of psychological empowerment among Polish nurses and midwives and the Questionnaire of psychological empowerment for patients
    The article presents the verification of the factor structure and initial validation of two tools: the Questionnaire of Psychological Empowerment among Polish Nurses and Midwives developed by Spreitzer and the Questionnaire of Psychological Empowerment for Patients developed by Schutz et al. Based on the Spreitzer concept. In this concept, psychological empowerment means the internal motivation of an employee to form a belief in the importance of their role in the organization. Similarly, the psychological empowerment of the patient is an internal motivation, as a result of which he shapes beliefs about the importance of the role he plays in the treatment process. The aim of the study was to verify the psychometric properties of the Polish versions of the questionnaires and the 4-factor structure of psychological empowerment in the samples of Polish nurses and patients.
    Obstacles to the development of health promotion in workplaces in Poland - the perspective of company re-presenters
  • The aim of the work was to present the barriers and difficulties encountered by companies in Poland in connection with the promotion of staff health
    Workload and coping with stress and the health condition of employees of the state medical emergency system in the context of work-life balance
    Employees of the State Medical Rescue (PRM) system are a professional group exposed to a high risk of burnout and work-life balance (WLB). This has an impact on their mental and physical health. The aim of the study was to assess the relationship between the number of hours worked and health condition and coping with stress as factors determining the maintenance of WLB in emergency medical workers.
  • Amiantus program in Poland - 20 years of implementation
    Despite the ban on the production of asbestos-containing materials introduced over 20 years ago in Poland, new cases of asbestos-related diseases are still reported. Systematic control of the respiratory system capacity in people exposed to asbestos dust is therefore extremely important due to the biological properties of this mineral.
  • Allergy to isothiazolinones in recent years
    Isothiazolinones are preservatives that are found in cosmetics, household chemicals and many industrial products. Initially, a mixture of methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone (MCI / MI - Kathon CG) was used, and then - from the beginning of the 21st century - only methylisothiazolinone (MI). Due to the significant increase in the number of contact dermatitis caused by allergy to this compound, it was withdrawn from leave-on cosmetics and the concentration in wash-off cosmetics was reduced. The aim of the study was to analyze the frequency of contact allergy to isothiazolinones in patients of the Institute of Occupational Medicine. prof. J. Nofera in Łódź, intensification of patch test results, hypersensitivity depending on the workplace and evaluation of the share of immediate allergy in the development of allergy.
  • Medical error in theory and practice - an overview of the most important issues
    In recent years, in Poland, despite the lack of a monitoring system for adverse medical events, on the basis of available reports and statistics, a sharp increase in the number of complaints to various medical and legal institutions as well as court cases suspected of committing a medical error has been found, which is a serious medical and legal problem. The aim of the study was to review theoretical and practical issues related to medical errors in the medical and legal aspect under the current legislation in Poland. The article presents the conceptual scope and the evolution of terminology from the term "medical malpractice" to the term "medical error" that is used in medicine and law. The problem of a medical error was also considered in medical and legal terms in accordance with the legal regulations and ethical standards in medicine in Poland. Classifications and causes of medical errors and their effects were analyzed. On the basis of the current literature, Polish judicial decisions were reviewed and selected examples of legal judgments related to various categories of medical errors were presented. In light of the ambiguity in terms of both the concept and the categorization of adverse medical events - errors, omissions, omissions and omissions - it seems right to adopt an unambiguous definition and classification. Such an ordering would expand the possibilities of research in the field of the etiology of medical errors, and more importantly, the preparation of such procedures that would protect the patient and allow for the maximum reduction of the number of medical errors and other undesirable events. In addition, detailing the medical, legal and economic standards of conduct in treatment units and determining the scope of personal and institutional responsibility in the event of adverse medical events would, in turn, improve the claims actions of patients or their families and the activities of medical and legal institutions, including doctors appointed as court experts.

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