• Subject of the issue - Anti-crisis shield 4.0 - changes for employers
  • You need to know about it
    • The impact of reducing the working time under the so-called Anti-crisis shield for the dimension of annual leave (4)
    • Can the employer demand compensation waiver statements from employees if they contract coronavirus at work? (6)
    • When applying for co-financing from the FGŚP on the basis of an agreement, the employer does not have to lower the salary - the position of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy (8)
    • COVID-19 tests do not generate income for employees - the position of the Ministry of Finance (9)
    • Solidarity supplement for unemployed people and higher unemployment benefit (10)
    • The Social Insurance Institution will calculate pensions of people born in 1953 on favorable terms (13)
  • The Office for Personal Data Protection explains
    • Does the handover of the documentation for decontamination require the conclusion of a contract for entrusting the processing of personal data (15)

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