• The subject of the issue
    • Raising qualifications by employees - obligations and rights of the employer
  • You need to know about it
    • Changes in assistance benefits for entrepreneurs injured as a result of COVID-19 (4)
    • The employer will be responsible for the illegal employment of maintenance debtors entered into the KRZ (8)
    • Private and public entities will have more time to implement e-delivery (9)
    • Until 23 August 2021, entrepreneurs may appeal against an application for a subsidy under the Financial Shield 2.0 PFR (13)
    • Does the employer have the right to request information from employees about vaccination against COVID-19 (14)
    • Leave allowances must be paid to teachers until 31 August 2021 (16)
    • Standard contractual clauses for use in contracts for entrusting the processing of personal data (18)
  • The Office for Personal Data Protection explains
    • What personal data can the employer obtain when recruiting employees (20)

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