• Subject of the issue
    • Employment and social assistance for Ukrainian citizens on the basis of a special act and other regulations
  • You need to know about it
    • Polish Order - Changes in the Polish Lada in the field of settlement of remuneration from March 10, 2022 (4)
    • From March 1, 2022, the payers of FUS benefits take into account new free amounts when making deductions and executions (7)
    • Polish order - Proxy health insurance - the latest guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Social Insurance Institution (9)
    • New premium exemptions from the Social Insurance Institution from March 1, 2022 (11)
    • What are the obligations of the employer in connection with appointing an employee to military exercises (14)
    • Changes in pensions - indexation in 2022 and additional cash benefits (16)
  • The Office for Personal Data Protection explains
    • Can the employer process the private telephone number of a job applicant (19)
  • News
    • Amendments to the law - entered into force on February 24-12, 2022 (21)
      Simplification in employment and social assistance for Ukrainian citizens

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