• Subject of the issue
    • Employee training - employer's obligations
  • You need to know about it
    • Two-stage increase in the minimum wage in 2023 (6)
    • Teachers' remuneration after the amendment to the regulations from September 1, 2022 (9)
    • How to settle remuneration after exceeding the social insurance and tax limits applicable in 2022 (14)
    • Payer's obligations related to the beginning of the academic year by contractors (17)
    • The Ministry of Finance has published new PIT-11 and PIT-2 templates (20)
  • The Office for Personal Data Protection explains
    • Can an employee prevent leakage of personal data (22)
  • Answers to HR questions
    • Can a worker caring for a small child work at night (25)
    • Is it allowed to round the number of employees taken into account when determining the amount of the allowance for the company social benefit fund (25)
    • Is it allowed to pay the employee allowance for Saturday work at the employee's request (25)

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