Monitor Prawa Pracy (Labor Law Monitor) 2019/05

  • News
    • Assessment of the claim for restoration to work through the prism of the socio-economic clause of the destination of law and principles of social coexistence
    • Amendments to legal acts
    • Draft amendments to legal acts
    • Work in special conditions
    • Brazilian atmosphere of the world of work: "Wałęsa" in prison, and "Trump" in power
  • Articles
    • Judicial control of the number of trade union members - critical remarks
    • From the problems of the company's trade union organization
    • A contract for aid at harvest - additional protection or a threat to the rights of people hired?
    • Entrepreneur and the internal employer - the problem of personal employee data processing
    • Special protection of the durability of the employment relationship
    • Teacher's consent to reduce employment due to fear of losing a job
      Responsibility of a partner in a civil partnership for arrears on social security contributions
    • The value of the subject of the appeal in the case of sickness benefit
    • Essentialia negotii employment contract
    • Failure to submit a vacation application by the employee before the employment relationship ends
    • Review: K. Walczak, Principles of remuneration for work with employers - entrepreneurs in the light of autonomous sources of labor law, Warsaw 2018

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