Monitor Prawa Pracy (Labor Law Monitor) 2021/04

  • News
    • Working time of a mobile worker
    • Risks related to the intoxication or intoxication of the employee - limited possibilities of the employer to obtain health data
    • Chile is trying to break free from Pinochet's neoliberal legacy
    • Changes in the law
  • Articles
    • Employee rights of a woman after a miscarriage
    • The crime of malicious or persistent violation of employee rights as the basis for incurring criminal liability for mobbing - key issues
    • Preventing child labor in global supply chains
    • Analysis of sabbatical institutions in the context of Polish law
    • On compensation with a day off of a worked day off from work
    • Concept of a person normally employed in the territory of two or more Member States
    • Protection of the employee against unjustified termination of employment as a result of statutory changes
    • "Professional career" is not a personal good within the meaning of Art. 23 of the Civil Code
    • Seeming employment in the context of being subject to social insurance
    • Wearing religious symbols in the workplace

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