Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2020/06

  • News
    • Annulment of the resolution as a consequence of depriving some members of the community of the possibility to vote
    • The bailiff's fee for the creditor's resignation from enforcement of the claim
    • Prosecutor's action in a case to determine the ineffectiveness of paternity recognition and the best interests of the child
    • Electronic address of a professional representative in tax proceedings
    • Housing relief is also payable if the sale contract is concluded later than the purchase contract
    • Failure of a witness in tax proceedings - circumstances excluding the imposition of a penalty
    • Regulations restricting access to gambling - compliance with EU regulations
    • IT problems in the office of a professional representative and restoration of the deadline in tax proceedings
    • Liability of legal persons for offenses
    • Right of residence of the Union citizen's spouse
    • Jurisdiction in air services
  • Articles
    • Amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure - amendments introduced by the Act of 4.7.2019 and other acts - comparative table with a commentary
    • Amendments to the insolvency law introduced by the Act of 30.8.2019 - part 2
    • Cash on delivery or rent in the event of bankruptcy of the landlord or landlord
    • Resignation of the last member of the body of a capital company (part 1)
    • Exposing a terminally ill person to danger of losing his life

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