Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2020/14

  • News
    • Contractual penalty for failure to pay the remuneration due to subcontractors.Scope of court review in the event of a challenge to the extension of the account blockade
    • Demonstration of alternating care in order to obtain the 500+ benefitForeign financial support for foundations and associations
    • Independence of the regulatory authority
    • Annex to the loan agreement
  • Articles
    • E-learning in copyright law (not only during a pandemic)
    • Effectiveness of court decisions and agreements concerning joint property of marriage (part I - effectiveness of court decisions)
    • Request to cancel the contract - an attempt to interpret art. 12 sec. 1 point 4 of the Act of August 23, 2007 on counteracting unfair market practices
    • Admissibility of a partial waiver of inheritance in Polish law
    • Formal conditions of the request for reinstatement of the deadline
    • Assessment in the light of Art. 385 of the Civil Code, the currency indexation clause contained in the loan agreement and the consequences of recognizing it as a prohibited contractual provision

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