Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2021/03

  • News
    • The situation where the objectivity of the court is at stake and the case is transferred to an equivalent court
    • Effective substitute service only to the correct address of the accused
    • Complaint against prolonged proceedings by the authority
    • Enforcement of the obligation to connect real estate to the sewage network
    • Abusiveness clause prorogation
    • Packaging of cosmetic products
    • Extradition of a Union citizen to a third country
  • Articles
    • The importance of the effectiveness of personal rights and claims entered in the land and mortgage register
    • Computerization of the judiciary and civil procedure - postulates de lege lata and de lege ferenda
    • Fee for a complaint against the ruling on rectifying the ruling
    • About the consequences of a doctor's failure to inform the patient
    • Announcement of the appeal as a ground for appeal
    • Extraordinary cassation in disciplinary proceedings against advocates
    • A construction disaster in the light of the jurisprudence of administrative courts

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