Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2021/05

  • News
    • Objections of the entrepreneur during the inspection of the Social Insurance Institution
    • Charging the owner with the costs of storing the vehicle resulting from the inactivity of the authority
    • The order to take dogs on a leash and the principle of proportionality
    • The date of purchase of the real estate as a result of the present day
    • The regulations governing the reporting of tax schemes are subject to interpretation
    • Right to be silent
    • Football federation a public entity
    • TV advertisement
  • Articles
    • Reduction of the enforcement fee at the request of the creditor in enforcement proceedings initiated before the date of entry into force of the Act on bailiffs' costs
    • Admissibility of examining the abusiveness of contractual provisions concerning non-interest costs of a consumer loan
    • Grounds for opening a simplified restructuring procedure and their verification
    • Amendment to the articles of association of a limited partnership
    • The scope of the request to recognize the provisions of the standard contract as non-binding for the consumer

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