Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2021/06

  • News
    • Taxation of real estate of a self-employed person
    • Public procurement - compensation without a preliminary ruling
    • Application for exemption from court costs - jurisdiction
    • Rules for determining the content of a will
    • The scope of binding a civil court with a criminal conviction
    • The judge's will decides about remaining in active condition
    • Return order for the abducted child
    • Parent company guarantee
  • Articles
    • More about the secrecy of adopting resolutions of supervisory boards in joint-stock companies - with particular emphasis on Art. 79a paragraph. 2 of the Banking Law
    • Protection of the shareholders' right to information in a non-public joint-stock company
    • New regulations on the control of certain investments
    • Taking evidence from a private document in a criminal trial
    • Compensation liability of the State Treasury for damage caused by the issuance of an unconstitutional regulation - comments in the context of the case in the Constitutional Tribunal, file number K 18/20

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