Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2021/09

  • News
    • Rectification of the amount of the additional payment when dividing the joint property
    • Compensation for damaged vehicle
    • Deleting a person performing the profession of bailiff from the list of attorneys
    • Flight delay compensation - the alternating jurisdiction of the civil court and the administration body
    • Costs of providing public information
    • Prohibition of employing a statutory auditor
    • Responsibility of the organizer of the tourist event
    • Jurisdiction of the court
  • Articles
    • Taking into account the statute of limitations ex officio in civil proceedings (in the context of interest claims)
    • The capital part of the pension system - similarities and differences: OFE, PPE, PPK, IKE +
    • The impact of shortening / extending the term of office in the company's articles of association (statute) on the current term of office of members of the management board of a limited liability company and a joint stock company
    • Controversy over the premise of "possession" under Art. 7 sec. 1 of the Warsaw Decree and the Napoleonic Code
    • Mitigation of contractual penalties in the light of the latest judgments of the Supreme Court in civil cases
    • Copyright protection of a fragment of the work

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