Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2021/12

  • News
    • Ineffectiveness of the foreign currency loan agreement - separate claims for the reimbursement of benefits of the borrower and the lender
    • Repetition of the charges from the cassation appeal in the extraordinary appeal
    • The Supreme Administrative Court annulled the resolutions of the National Court Register
    • Principles of verification in court proceedings of electronic signatures placed under decisions of authorities
    • Consequences of the commencement of works on the basis of a non-final building permit decision
    • Bank reorganization
    • Liability for damages suffered by shareholders
    • An "accident" on landing
  • Articles
    • Approval of remuneration tables for the dissemination of works and artistic performances under the Act on Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights
    • Representing the investor by the investor's supervision inspector (part II)
    • Processing data on criminal records of employees and candidates for employees in the context of access to information on the security of critical infrastructure
    • Make a settlement agreement as a mutual agreement
    • Inadmissibility to appeal against ex officio failure to register a compulsory mortgage when detaching a part of the property and establishing a new land and mortgage register for it

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