Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2021/17

  • News
    • Request for service of the judgment with reasons
    • Court doubts - refusal to issue an order for payment
    • Reinstatement due to quarantine
    • It is not the name but the content of the letter that determines its character
    • Wrong shipping address and the right to go to court
    • Salaries of NRA members as public information
    • Construction project as public information
    • Business license
    • Advertising of a foreign mail-order pharmacy
    • Expulsion of a Union citizen
  • Articles
    • The amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure of 4.7.2019 in the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court
    • The impossibility of completing the work on time as a premise for withdrawing from the contract
    • Disadvantages of Polish marriage obstacles. Part 1 - Unmistakable marriage obstacles
    • The meaning of the mention in the teleinformatic land and mortgage register
    • Access of the suspect and his defense counsel to the files in the course of the proceedings on the application or extension of pre-trial detention

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