• News
    • Complaint against giving the writ of execution an enforcement clause
    • Informing the parties about the intention to hear the case in closed session
    • VAT and the sale of bitcoins
    • Waiving from the collection of parking fees due to the spread of COVID-19
    • Tax declaration correction and enforcement proceedings
    • Notification of the acquisition of a significant block of shares
    • The scope of information in the consumer loan agreement
    • Inheritance Agreement
  • Articles
    • A few remarks on the coercion of an attorney-at-law and spokesman in proceedings in cases of intellectual property
    • Time-perspective error and liability for damages of management board members for decisions taken
    • Financial sanctions resulting from the Act - Public Procurement Law in the decision-making practice of the National Appeal Chamber and jurisprudence
    • Exclusion of the unlawfulness of an act in administrative law
    • No legal interest of a member of the management board of a joint-stock company in challenging the resolution of the supervisory board on his dismissal or suspension

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