Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2021/21

  • News
    • Prohibition of shipment - application of the basic provisions
    • Establishing heirs in administrative proceedings
    • Reporting damage to the environment as a party to the proceedings
    • Breach of the obligation to submit a public takeover bid
    • Infringement of the right to a protected designation of origin
    • Court competent in inheritance matters
  • Articles
    • Article 446 of the Civil Code as the basis for awarding compensation for harm caused by breach of the family ties caused by serious and permanent damage to the body or health of the immediate family member
    • Critical analysis of the Supreme Court's jurisprudence regarding the interpretation of the anti-cumulation clause relating to partners and members of the management board of commercial law companies
    • They failed as a trustee's attorney for the sale of movable property constituting a part of the bankruptcy estate
    • Contractual penalty - accession or autonomous institution of the law of obligations
    • Effectiveness of securing the creditor's claim in the form of seizing the debtor's cash and transferred to the deposit account of the Minister of Finance - comments de lege lata and de lege ferenda
    • The right to appeal against the resolutions of the meeting and the sale of shares (stocks)
    • Report from the 13th Scientific Conference "Internet Security - Global Games" (10-11.6.2021) and the NCPI expert session "Power, economy and science in relation to Internet security"

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