Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2021/24


  • News
    • Inadmissibility of surrender of a prosecuted person in extradition proceedings - reimbursement of defense expenses
    • Representative of the office - request for the costs of the trial to be covered for the represented party
    • Loan fees
    • Curator's remuneration and VAT
    • Right to compensation for the property holder's heirs
    • An employee as an entrepreneur's attorney in administrative court proceedings
    • Abusive indexation clause
    • Polish notary public is not authorized
    • Derived refugee status
  • Articles
    • Admissibility of the power of attorney to participate in the general assembly of the guild
    • Criteria for assessing conversion clauses in credit indexed and denominated in a foreign currency, in the light of the jurisprudence of the CJEU. Does the pro-consumer approach to the issue of unfair conversion clauses deserve criticism?
    • The principle of formal openness of land and mortgage registers - conclusions de lege ferenda
    • "Unaddressed" interest on the costs due to the participant in the proceedings for issuing an enforcement clause to the writ of execution
    • Secured transfer of title agreement (cavendi causa) as a source of claim for exclusion from the bankruptcy estate
    • The procedural consequences of the submission by a party of an unpaid application for the preparation and service of a judgment justification

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